Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Demand Studios Strikes Again - When Will I Learn?

Hi all,

Just when I am sure I will never write for Demand Studios again, I find myself searching their assignments and getting sucked back in.  At the end of February I found four article titles on the list having to do with resorts in different Northern Minnesota towns.  Well, those were perfect for me. Who better to write about resorts in Northern Minnesota than a person who actually lives in Northern Minnesota and who has actually been in those areas several times?  I claimed the titles and got to work writing the articles.

Success and Failure

Before writing the articles I had printed out and read the new style guidelines as well as the style guidelines for the type of articles I was writing.  The first two articles I wrote flew through the editors and were accepted without a problem. This made be happy - it meant that I was following the guidelines and writing in the style that the editors wanted - right?  Well, maybe some of the editors liked my writing but apparently not all of them.  When I finished and submitted the third article it came back for a rewrite.  Okay, I thought, I can make a few changes.  It turned out that this editor wanted me to basically rewrite the entire article in a way that made the resorts sound dull.  No prose of any type, no descriptions, only the facts, ma'am.  After spending a few minutes reading all of the rewrite information and trying to change the article to the editor's specifications, I decided to pass on fixing it and sending it back.  After all, if my name is going to be on the article, then I want it to sound, at the very least, interesting.

Not All is Lost - Just my Desire to Write for Demand Studios

Since I own the rights to the article, then my time spent will not be lost entirely. I will simply turn it into an eHow article or ship it off to Triond or Associated Content - or all three! But again, it is a reminder to me why I don't like to write for Demand Studios. The editors are not consistent with their interpretation of the guidelines or with the writing style that they want. I don't mind having to make changes, but if one editor passes my work through and another critiques it and tears it apart, then I just don't have time for them. I would like to think that at this stage of the game I am a fairly consistent writer and that my skills cannot be that erratic. I think the editors need to all be on the same page so it isn't so confusing for the writers.

So, I threw the last article back into the queue and probably someone from New Mexico, California or North Carolina will write the remaining articles about Northern Minnesota resorts.  Sadly, I had the best perspective but Demand Studios doesn't care.

Will this be the last time I ever write for Demand Studios?  I hope so, but you never know.

Happy writing,

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  1. Man, you sound just like me.

    Recently I selected 5 articles on the exact same topic. I wrote three of them. Two were accepted and the third wanted a total rewrite.

    I took the article that was “in need of revision” and posted it elsewhere and sent the other unwritten titles back into the queue.

    If nothing else, the erratic CE behavior at Demand Studios is helping me to populate other online sites.

  2. Hi Felicia,
    Thanks for visiting. It's a shame that Demand Studios' editors are pushing away good writers. The editor who wanted me to rewrite my article started out by saying that the article was "certainly a cut above the normal DS article". If that was true, then why the rewrite? At least I'm not the only one experiencing this. :)

  3. I haven't written anything for DS since December, so I would be unfamiliar with the new style guidelines as well. Unfortunately, DS is famous for its CEs who just can't seem to remain consistent. I think you made a good decision not to rewrite, since you can just use that article on another site.

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for visiting. I had experienced problems with editors at DS before so that is why I stopped writing for DS a while back. I guess I was hoping things had changed. So much for hoping. :)

  5. Sorry to hear that DS has been such a bother. I have never written anything for them, and it sounds like it isn't worth the trouble to even start when there are so many other options out there.

  6. I write full-time for Demand Studios and I've had a few articles come back for what I considered trivial rewrites. I did the rewrites as requested and simply moved on to the next article. If you can deal with the fact that some of the CEs are going to make what seem like ridiculous requests then you can be very successful. You have to take the attitude that you're doing a job and fulfilling a need for a client, not creating great art. Once your article is accepted by DS, it technically doesn't belong to you anymore and you have to approach it with the right attitude if you want to get ahead.

  7. Demand Media has its own way of operating a business. I think DS is just purely bias.

  8. I just started writing for DS and one CE was just plain rude. For absolutely no reason. It's good to hear I'm not the only one with this issue, however. What really bugs me is that after your article is rejected, there is no way to contact the CE.

  9. Hi Holly,
    Thanks for visiting. I've also run into some of those rude CE's and to me it isn't worth $15 to be treated that way. Especially when you are following the rules and the guidelines. Sorry to hear you had trouble there too. At least you can always try to sell your article on another site.

  10. Hello,

    I am a fairly new writer for DMS. When I first started writing for them, there seemed to be a lot of available topics to choose from (around 20,000). However, this week,the number dropped to 13,000. Is this normal or is DMS experiencing problems? I'm especially worried as DMS is my primary source of income.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  11. Demand Studios is the worst content mill to ever exist! I can't believe they had the audacity to go public. I stopped writing for them and began writing novels and greeting card prose. Haven't been turned down since. DO NOT become disenchanted with writing. I am convinced many of the editors at DS are pompous clowns. I warn many not to waste their time or talent. You will just be under appreciated.


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