Thursday, March 4, 2010

Demand Studios Accepting UK and Canadian Writers

Hi all,

The news is out that Demand Studios (DS) is now accepting applications from writers who live in the United Kingdom and Canada.  For many non-US citizens, this is good news.  DS offers thousands of freelance writing jobs everyday, and pays up to $15 per article depending upon the type of article it is.  And the nice part of it is you can pick and choose your assignments and there is no minimum you must write in order to stay on as a writer. 

Now, I personally have had an on again-off again relationship with DS because of their erratic editor behavior but that doesn't mean that the site won't work for you.  As I always say, everyone has their own taste in writing sites and while one may not work well for me, it may work well for you.  So I do encourage freelance writers who are looking for a reputable site that does pay on time to check out DS for yourself and decide it it is the right site for you.

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