Saturday, March 13, 2010

Break Studios Update

Hi all,

Things have turned around for the better for me at Break Studios.  After sending the first article back to the editors with a note saying that they need to be more specific about what is wrong with the article, instead of rejecting it they sent it back to me with more details and allowed me to make changes and re-submit.  I thought that was very nice of them.  Since I didn't know when I wrote the article that they were asking for an "About" format, the only big problem was the format.  So I do have to give Break Studios credit for being patient with that article re-write.

My second article went through on the first try and the editor was great.  She sent me a note with some tips to make the articles better in the future and said nice things about the article I had written.  I was happy to see that the editors do want to be helpful.

Be aware that Break Studios does ask for your Social Security number once you start earning money.  I wasn't asked for it when I signed up, so I didn't know until my first article went through that a SS# was required.

All in all, I think Break Studios is a good spot for writers to earn extra money.  I'm not sure if I will continue to write for them because researching and writing the articles took longer than it was worth to earn $8.  But if you are a speed-writer - you might be able to make some good money there.

Happy Writing,

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  1. Thanks for the update. Just wanted to let you know, I'm sharing your site with a class of journalism students at a university I'm speaking to on Wednesday. Thanks for all of your resources.

  2. Thanks Ivy,
    I hope they find the site useful. :)

  3. Well that was a bummer - rejected outright. Not sure why maybe it's my association with Demand Studios?

  4. Hi Trish,

    Sorry to hear you were rejected. Shouldn't have anything to do with being a writer for DS - I am also a writer for DS and was accepted. The good news is that you earn more per article at DS. :)

  5. Do you know of any such websites that accept writers from India? I was a freelancer with The Times of India, which is a leading Indian newspaper. I have been looking for online writing jobs since forever, but haven't been able to find too many, so your blog is really helpful. I'm not sure whether these websites accept Indian writers though.

  6. Hi Avishi,

    I know that it is difficult for non U.S. citizens to freelance writing sites. The following sites do accept out-of-country writers: Constant-Content, Triond, Suite101, Xomba, WiseGeek, Mahalo and Bukisa. If you have perfect English skills, Constant-Content is the best place to earn the most money at. Right now, Suite101 is having a rough time, but I'm sure their earnings will increase in the near future. Good luck.


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