Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life123 Writer's Program Ending

Hi all,

Today as I tried to login to my account at Life123 I received the following message:

Thank you for participating in the Life123 Writer's Community beta launched last fall. We regret to inform you that we are closing the program at this time and are no longer accepting new submissions.

If you have submitted an article that was published on Life123.com between October 13th, 2009 and January 27th, 2010, AND have entered valid PayPal account details by January 29th, 2010, Life123 will pay the $20 maximum rate for each eligible article.

Payments will be made prior to the end of February 2010. Thanks again for your work.

If you have any questions about items other than payment, please write to editorialdesk@life123.com

I was surprised to see that Life123 is no longer taking any more submissions.  But it looks like they will be paying writers who have published articles there the full $20 for each article.  I think it is very professional of the site to say they will pay everyone for the articles that they have written.  Since I only published two there, I won't get rich from the payout, but I know some writers (Kidgas is one) who have published many articles there and should do quite well with the $20 payout.
If you were a writer for Life123 and are looking for another place to earn money, you may want to try LoveToKnow.com (see review).  Although you do have to be accepted to write there, you are paid a minimum of $20 per article with the chance to earn more.  You may also want to try Demand Studios who pay up to $15 up front for articles. 
In other news...
Phil saw his shadow so we have at least 6 more weeks of winter.  Ha! In Minnesota, winter always lasts until April or May!
Happy writing,
(Groundhog by Stephanie McKendrick Stock.Xchng 1092244; Iciciles by Deanna -  a picture of our house after a cold spell)


  1. DeAnna,
    I was already aware of the shut-down of Life123 and tomorrow's blog post will be about that very topic.

    Thanks for the mention.

  2. Hi Kidgas,
    I don't check my earnings at Life123 everyday so today was the first day I found out they were shutting down. Hope you are paid well for all your articles there. :)

  3. Well, I guess this will be one site I never get around to writing at. :-) It's kind of sad you know, and makes you wonder if others will follow suit.

  4. Hi Judy,
    I think Life123 was fairly new and trying out a new way of paying writers. However, it looks as if they will be keeping the site up and running with the articles they have, they just won't be buying any more articles. Thanks for visiting Write Moms!

  5. This is certainly concerning and I hope that this doesn't develop into a trend. Has Life123 given a reason for the change?

  6. Hi Samantha,
    Thanks for visiting. Life123 didn't give a reason but since Life123 was a new website, I am assuming that they just couldn't make a go of the website and continue to pay writers. Maybe they received a larger response from writers than they had expected. Since they are buying out the articles, it looks like they will continue the website without adding new articles. I wouldn't worry that this will become a trend - most of the writing websites are pretty solid.

  7. Oh.. Sad abt Life123. Hopefully, they'll be back bigger and better:-)


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