Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flixya.com: Earn Money Blogging or Adding Backlinks

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If you are looking for more ways to earn money from your articles, or for another site to place backlinks to your articles, Flixya.com may be the place for you.  On Flixya, you can add videos, photos or blog about any subject.  And the best part is that you earn 100% of all Google Adsense income.

What is Flixya.com

Flixya is much like a sharing site, however you can use the blog portion of the site for just about anything.  For writers, this is a good place to add links to your articles on other sites, such as eHow or Suite101, and create backlinks to your articles.  (See my Flixya page as an example) And like Xomba, you earn Google Adsense income from your blog when readers click on the Google advertising on your page.

Blog on Flixya.com

Since Flixya.com is free to join, you may want to use it for your personal blog or as a place to add original articles and earn income through Google.  While the blogging section of the site isn't as nice as a Blogspot or Wordpress blog, it is free to use and you can generate extra income from your blog.  You may even want to consider it as an additional blog.

Joining Flixya.com

It is easy to sign up at Flixya and they do not ask for any personal information such as a Social Security number.  All you need is a Google Adsense account, and if you don't already have one they will direct you to where to sign up for one.  You can sign up and get started blogging in just a few minutes.  The site has a simple blog set-up and is easy to navigate.

My Thoughts on Flixya.com

While I don't think that Flixya is as evolved as Xomba in the way it looks, I still think it may be a good site to add backlinks to your articles or maybe even earn money from articles much as you would at HubPages.  The site has been operating since 2006, so it is an established site.  I plan to try it for a few months and see what kind of money I can make just by adding backlinks.

If you already use Flixya.com, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the site.

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  1. Thnxs for sharing this DeAnna!! Will surely check it out and please do share your experiences with it as well..
    Blessings and bst wishes

  2. Hi, this is jenicoe2001 from ehow! Excellent blog! Thanks for all the great info for aspiring online writers! I will check out flixya! I am following your blog, it would be great of you would follow mine! Have a great day!! :)

  3. Thanks Mom ... i will follow your profile next later.

    thanks for this news about flixya.

  4. Thanks for sharing this blog..Good one..

  5. Thanks for this well written article, i have started using flixya and i enjoy share pic and video as well as making some extra cash.


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