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Constant-Content Writers - Be Persistent

Hi all,

I am happy to see that some of the visitors to this blog have become members of the writing site Constant-Content (CC).  Unfortunately, I also see that many who have signed up gave up submitting articles after the first article was rejected by the editor.  I have been writing at CC since March 2007 and find it a wonderful place to sell my writing for a good price.  So I thought I'd take some time to encourage those who have joined CC and given up and those who are thinking of joining CC to be persistent and not give up on CC after the first or second try.

Constant-Content's Editor is Tough but Fair

As I stated in my review of Constant-Content, every article is reviewed by an editor before it is placed for sale on the site.  The reason for this is to retain the site's integrity for the buyers.  The editor also checks every submission through a plagiarism checker to make sure the content is either unique or does belong to the author.  If there are any grammar errors, format errors or if the article comes up as belonging to someone else, then the article will be rejected.  Plagiarism is not tolerated at CC.  Sometimes the problem with the rejected article could be something as small as improper capitalization, a misspelled word or a misplaced comma or semi-colon.  In most cases, the writer can fix the errors and re-submit the article and it will get through.  If there is a big problem, you can go to the forum and ask the editor in the Article Rejection section what was wrong with the submission.  The editor isn't heartless; he/she does want the writers at CC to be successful.

Tips to Get through the Constant-Content Editorial Process

First, read the writer's guidelines and the submission guidelines at CC before submitting articles.  The editor likes for writers to use a specific font (easy to read) and has guidelines about when to use bold font and also about not using links in articles.  If you read the guidelines, it will be much easier to get your articles through the editorial process.

Next, make sure your article is of use to the reader.  Articles that are written full of keywords but don't actually help the reader in any way are useless.  Opinion pieces or first person pieces are generally not accepted - however check with the editor if you feel you have a piece that may work for CC.  Article on almost any subject, reviews of movies, products and television shows are accepted. 

Always proofread your articles and the short description to make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors.  These are the main reasons that articles are rejected.  If the title or short description has spelling errors, the article is rejected before it is even read.  Take the time to do the work necessary so your article isn't rejected.

You may also want to run your article through a plagiarism checker like or to make sure you haven't unintentionally plagiarized a sentence, phrase or paragraph.  This can happen and it may look bad for you if you don't check your articles first.

Understand the Rights you are selling.  Only original articles that have not ever been sold before can be sold for Full and Unique Rights on CC.  Articles that you wrote but have been placed on other sites can be sold for Use Rights on CC.  Make sure that your name appears on the articles so the editor knows the article is yours, or else you can make a note in the short description that the article was published under another name so the editor knows.  You can always delete that information from the short description once the article has been accepted.

Try not to get too frustrated if your article isn't accepted and please, do not go on the forum and bad-mouth the editor.  That will not get your article accepted.  Find the errors and fix them, and in most cases, the article will go through.

After the Article is Accepted

Many times people who first join CC think that they will just place one article on there and see if it sells.  If you are very lucky, that first article will sell.  But in most cases, it can take awhile for an article to sell.  The best thing to do is to place several articles of varying subjects and different price points on CC and see what happens.  The more you write, the more you will sell.  Expecting to only put one article on CC as a way of judging the site isn't realistic.  You always own all rights to your articles until you sell them, so if you find you are not happy with CC you can take the articles off and use them elsewhere.

I hope this helps those who were scared away quickly or those who are thinking about trying Constant-Content.  It really is a wonderful site to sell your articles at and if you are a good writer, you can earn good money there.

Happy writing,

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  1. Wonderful info here. I joined CC several years ago but never submitted anything. Just explored and watched and read the forums trying to get my bearings. I'm afraid I was a little intimidated by what I read which is one reason I never submitted. Your post was just what I needed to read because the local magazine I've been writing for has gone out of business. Thanks so much. We'll see if I have the courage to follow through. :)

  2. Great site Deanna. I'm on my way to check it out! Keep up the good work!

    -- Ivy

  3. Hi Jess,
    Thanks for visiting my site. After reading your bio I am surprised you were intimidated by Constant-Content. I'm sure you would do wonderfully there.

    Hi Ivy,

    Thanks for visiting! Give Constant-Content a try, I sure you will like it.

    If anyone joins CC and has questions, feel free to e-mail me @ or leave a comment.

  4. Hi Deanna,

    Thanks for the glowing review and we encourage Jess and Ivy to follow up with us at Constant-content. We are constantly looking for new writers and hope we can help you get your material out to our list of publishers.

  5. Thanks for the review on Constant Content Deanna.. I tried CC right when I was starting out and unsurprisingly was rejected:-(
    Wonder if they re-hire writers?? Just a thought.

  6. Hi Prerna,
    I'm sure you would do just fine on CC now. Since you just have to join and submit your first article, I don't see why you couldn't try again. You're a good writer and I'm sure you'd do really well anywhere you write at.

  7. I have been writing at Triond for going on 3 years now and ehow for around a year. My earnings at both are about neck and neck but I spend more time on articles at ehow. I feel that ehow seems to generate reads on it's own where other writing sites do not. I gave up on Associated Content. Bukisa pays better than Triond but is not as friendly plus I have never got the hang of inserting a picture. A lot of it is, as you say, what we want to write and how we feel about the atmosphere there. I find myself to be sensitive to many factors. Is it the writer in me that makes me examine things the way I do? I want to be able to explore options and grow. I look for encouragement in the way of reads, recognition and remuneration.

    I really appreciate you insight on these avenues.

  8. Hi Judy,
    I've seen your work over at Triond and you do such an excellent job there. I don't spend as much time there as I probably should but I think the earnings at Triond are much higher than at Associated Content. I can't get the knack for placing pics at Bukisa either. :)

  9. I submitted three articles and was told to submit no more articles.

  10. Sorry to hear that you were told not to submit articles. That does happen sometimes. I'm sure you are able to sell your work elsewhere.

  11. I'm finding such wonderful information on your blog about Constant Content. If I have trouble getting my articles accepted by Constant Content, I'm coming back to this blog post for inspiration!


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