Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update on Examiner's New Local Incentive Program

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As I mentioned in my last post, Examiner is updating their incentive program for local writers to encourage them to keep their articles on a local level.  Here is their newest update:

  • Examiner will be giving local writers an up-front payment of $1 per article (limit of 5 articles per week) for all articles that follow the guidelines that I mentioned in the previous post as of January 24th.
  • Examiner will continue to pay the same performance payments as before for views (generally around .01 cent per view).
  • Examiner will now review all local articles to determine if they will receive the up-front payments.
  • Examiner will not delete previous article even if they are not relevant to topic or don't have a local angle.
  • If the article does go over the maximum word count of 400 words, but is still locally relevant, you may still receive the one dollar up-front payment.
  • Examiner may not necessarily delete new articles that are not locally relevant, but you will not receive the up-front payment and your article will not be featured in the promotional area of the site.
What is Considered a Local Article?

If you write for Examiner, you know it isn't always easy to write with a local angle.  However, you can use local sources in your article so it will be considered locally relevant.  Since my topic is a health-related issue, I can't necessarily make the topic locally relevant; however, I use sources from Minnesota hospitals, universities and physicians to give the topic a local appeal.

Is the Up-Front Payment Worth It?

One dollar up-front payment per article sounds pitiful, but since writers weren't receiving any up-front payment before, it is one more dollar than the writers were making.  Examiner can be a good residual income site for writers, so the one dollar per article is just another incentive to continue writing for them.  Examiner also offers an excellent referral program too.  You can read my previous review of Examiner here.

Personally, I like writing for Examiner because I enjoy my topic.  It doesn't take too much time to write 2-3 articles a week in the 200-400 word range and I can re-use the information to write other articles for sites like eHow, Constant-Content and Associated Content.  Now that they are offering the one dollar up-front payment, that will be an extra $12 a month ( $144 a year) that I wasn't making before, so I won't complain.

Happy writing,

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