Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Top Earning Articles at eHow, Associated Content and Triond

Hi all,

There are many naysayers who think writing for residual income sites like eHow is a waste of time for a "true" writer, but I don't feel that way.  Residual income writing sites can be lucrative if you are willing to invest your time into them.  Writing keyword-friendly articles and articles that spark an interest in the general public can help you build up money-making articles on residual income sites.  If you have the luxury of waiting for income to increase and build, residual income writing sites can pay you more in the long run than many up-front paying sites.  For those who need to earn money up-front, you may want to try investing a few hours a week in building up a residual income as well so that within a few months you will be adding to your up-front income.  Remember also that the more places your writing is seen, the better chance you have of being hired for writing assignments from other websites.

My Top Earning Articles

Here are my top five earning eHow articles so far.  I am placing the date they were published so you know how much time it took to earn this amount.

6/11/09  How to Stop Belly Bloat       $26.18

7/22/09  How to Improve Your Health with the Benefits of Lecithin   $15.47

8/13/09  How to Lower Bad Cholesterol with Simple Diet Changes  $19.55

8/25/09  How to Prevent Acid Reflux through Diet and Lifestyle Changes  $8.79

8/29/09  How to Make Your Small Kitchen Stylish and Efficient  $13.28

I currently have 75 articles on eHow and many of them have earned in the $7 - $8 range while others are lower.  The good part about residual income, however, is that in one year those lower earning articles will slowly grow in earnings.  That goes also for the higher earning articles.  While some people may think that $26.18 isn't much money for an article, just think of where it will be 6 months from now.  Or 12 months from now.  The earning potential is endless.

Highest Earning Articles on Associated Content and Triond

Generally I don't think of Associated Content and Triond as big earners, but over time I have done fairly well with these sites.  On Associated Content I have one article that has been there since 8/08 and has earned $17.68.  On Triond, my top article that was published on 4/08 has earned $37.53.  Most of my other articles are in the $2 to $12 range.  As I said, not big money but a nice little additional income each month from both sites that continues to grow.

While I do also write for sites where I sell my articles for much more money each, like Constant-Content, I enjoy writing for residual income sites.  Building a monthly income that keeps paying over time is a good investment of my time.  How about you?

Happy writing,

(Okay, so these puppies have nothing to do with residual income sites, but aren't they cute?)


  1. The only gripe I have about eHow is that they can just delete articles without stating a reason. I would venture to say that the "life-time" of eHow articles is only a year or two at most.

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for commenting. I know that the sweeps have been a problem and that eHow isn't perfect. I've been lucky and only lost 4 articles total in the sweeps. However, now that eHow reviews articles before they are accepted, the articles may have a longer shelf life. I have seen some fairly old articles still on eHow, so it looks like they don't clear out articles just because they are old. The good thing is I own all rights, therefore if articles are deleted I can place them elsewhere and still earn money.

  3. DeAnna,
    Thanks for sharing about your success! You've done really well. I was wondering if you promote your eHow articles at all?

    Thanks for a helpful and encouraging blog,

  4. Hi Beth,

    The only way I promote my eHow articles is by my link on this blog and by using about 6 of the social sharing sites (like Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, etc.)everytime I publish an article. I also have placed links to several of my articles on Xomba, which does bring in a few views too.

    Thanks for commenting.


  5. Hi Brian and Melissa,

    I add article links to StumbleUpon. All you have to do is join the StumbleUpon community and then hit the StumbleUpon logo at the bottom of the article (if available) where all the sharing sites generally are. Hope this helps.

  6. though am new to article writing and rewriting, i have earned a good income from my contents. i always worked for individual clients. so right now after reading this blog i would like to concentrate more on developing my article writing skill by publishing 'em in sites described above.

    thanks for all.

  7. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.


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