Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Examiner is Making a Few Changes for 2010

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If you already write for Examiner (see my review of Examiner) then you probably received the e-mail announcing the changes at Examiner.  In reality, for the most part, Examiner is only tightening up on their rules, but at least they are offering an incentive to writers for following the guidelines.  The official guidelines to be a local Examiner have always been to make your articles relevant to the town in which you write for and to use local sources for your articles.  However, since there was no incentive to do so, (and it isn't always easy to use a local source), many Examiners have gone by the wayside and haven't used local sources.  Now, Examiner is tightening up the rules and expects everyone to follow the guidelines.

Examiner's New Expectations and Incentives

Here's an overview of their new expectations:

  • Write articles in your assigned subject matter that are useful and relevant to your subject.
  • Keep your article locally relevant either through citing a local source or discussing a local event.
  • Keep articles in the required length of 200-400 words.
  • Reference credible sources (local).
All articles written by local Examiners will now be evaluated when published and may be deleted if they do not meet the criteria specified.  For those articles that do meet the expectations of the editors, as of January 23rd you will receive a flat fee per article as well as continue to receive the regular performance-based incentives.  There has been no indication yet as to how much the flat fee per article will be, but any up-front payment per article is better than none since we are only receiving performance-based pay to date.

My Take on the Changes

I don't see this as a change as much as I see it as a way for Examiner to tighten the rules and make people follow them.  There has been a lot of grumbling by Examiners over the past year about the fact that some Examiners don't follow rules and write whatever they wish while others do follow the rules.  I think that tightening the rules will help clean up some of the bad work being done by some Examiners and weed out the people who are not following the guidelines.

I am also not adverse to receiving an up-front payment per article if it follows their guidelines.  As the Minnesota Heart Health Examiner, I have tried to tie my articles to a local source whenever possible, so following the guidelines won't be a big problem for me.  For others though, it may be difficult to find local sources or local topics to write about within their topic, and I do feel bad for those writers. 

Examiner is a good residual writing site for those who choose a topic that interests them.  You own all rights to your articles and can re-publish the articles on other sites if you choose.  The performance payments stays around .01 cent per view.  If you have a hot topic, this can add up to a good residual income.  It all depends upon how much time and effort you put into your articles.  (If you are interested in writing for Examiner and decide to apply, I'd really appreciate it if you use my referral number on the application.  It won't cost you a thing but will help me out. My referral number is: 28293.  Thanks.)

I will update you on the Examiner changes as I learn more about them.

Happy writing,


  1. Yeah I agree the latest change isn't so much a change but,more enforcing the rules that were already there-So I understand. I'm also awaiting more info. on the flat fee-etc. The 1 concern I have is that I try to make the majority of my articles local but,not 100% -I did get word back from my channel manager as far as she understands if at least 50% of your articles are local then you should be ok-Whew!

  2. Hi Mom Mayhem,
    Thanks for sharing that. Some of my articles aren't tied to local sources either, so it's good to hear that. I will be sure to make sure all are local in the future, though, so I can enjoy (?) whatever up-front payment they will be offering.

  3. Hi DeAnna, I am following from MBC, I love your site. It is very inforamtive and you have tons of great information. I look forward to reading more.

  4. Hi DeAnna, this is jenicoe2001 from eHow! Terrific blog!! I am in the process of filling out my application for examiner.com. I guess it takes awhile to hear back if you are accepted? :) No problem! {Your blog is great- I added myself as a friend. Please add yourself to my blog on blogger as well!} I am reading your other articles about examiner- your articles are straight and to the point. I love your writing style! Thanks for the great info!! TTYS!!


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