Saturday, January 30, 2010

eHow Compensating U.S. Writers for Past UK Views?

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If you've been a part of the eHow website for some time then you may know about the mess over U.S. writers not being compensated for their articles viewed on the new UK eHow site.  This has made many writers angry and some have even quit eHow entirely.  Well, if I heard this video blog correctly, (click here to see it) then it seems the U.S. writers are going to be compensated for the UK views in the payment made in early February.

Can this be True?

This was brought to my attention when I read Katrina's blog Writing Online for Profit so I went over to eHow and watched the video myself.  From the sounds of it, they are going to give out a "generous payment" to writers for their past UK views.  However, there are some questions in the forum as to whether they meant they would reimburse the U.S. writers for UK views or reimburse UK writers for views.  Also, since they supposedly didn't keep track of UK views vs U.S. views, there is some question as to how they will know how much to give each writer.  I think this will be interesting to watch play out.

Stick with eHow

No matter how this whole thing plays out, I think that if you write for eHow, you should stick it out with them no matter how you feel about the U.K. incident.  I know of some people who actually deleted all of their articles from their account because of this instead of waiting to see what eHow would do to fix the problem.  Since eHow is one of my best sites for earning residual income, even if I am not compensated for the UK views, I plan to stick with them.  I'm not one of those who believes that eHow is trying to stick it to their writers, as it is the writers who make money for them.  eHow is making money off of their residual writers (who they do not have to pay $15 per article up-front to) so I don't think they are trying to make us all angry and push us off the site.  Maybe I just like looking at the glass half-full.

What do you think the video blog is saying?

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I was wondering what was going on with eHow, and it's good to know they will be paying their writers for this mess-up.

  2. After their clarification, it sounds like they plan to reimburse USA writers for articles on the UK site. I hope this means for future months as well as past months. I agree with you that eHow remains a profitable site and there's no reason to leave.


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