Sunday, January 17, 2010

Earn Money by Blog Flipping

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I ran across this interesting way to earn money a few days ago, blog flipping, and even though I learned that this is not a new way to earn money online, I wanted to share it with you in case you hadn't heard about it.  If you are like me and enjoy creating new blogs and enjoy writing original content, this may be just what you were looking for.

What is Blog Flipping?

Essentially, blog flipping is when you create a niche blog and then sell it.  It is likened to virtual real estate.  In other instances, it may be a blog you have already created and owned for some time but are unable to keep up and want to sell.  The essential steps in blog flipping are:
  • Find a niche subject that is currently popular.
  • Chose a host site.
  • Choose a chatchy name.
  • Place original content on it with keywords relevant to the site's subject.
  • Monetize the blog with several types of advertising such as Google Adwords,  Amazon Affiliates, ClickBank and more. 
  • List your blog for sale on a blog bidding site.
How Quickly can You Turn Around a Blog?

From everything I've read so far on blog flipping, your blog doesn't have to be a high earning blog or have a proven track record of earning money in order to sell it.  Many people are interested in buying blogs that are ready-made so they can place their own ads on it or try to earn money from it.  However, if it is a proven earner, it will generate a much higher turn-around price than one that is new.

How Much can You Earn by Blog Flipping?

I've only done some preliminary footwork, but from what I've seen, you can charge anywhere from $100 + for a brand new blog or $1,000 + for one with a few months track record.  One website claims that a friend sold a blog for $60,000.  On one of the blog bidding sites, I saw many blogs selling for $500, $1,200 and even $3,500.  It all depends upon how much work you are willing to put into your blog and how much original content is on it as well as the blog's subject and keywords. 

Resources for Blog Flipping

Since I am no expert, I will send you off to some resources on blog flipping where you can learn more.  No, I do not make any money by promoting any of these sites.  I just think this is an interesting thing to do and want to share it with you. 

For a free manual on blog flipping go to:

Two blogs that discuss blog flipping are:


Site where you can sell blogs:


I'd love to hear from blog flipper on their experience with this type of sales.  Or, if you do try it, let me know how it went.  I think it would be a very interesting way to earn money.

Happy writing,

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  1. Michelle helped me so much to get started with blog flipping, and I did it part time from August-December (having a small break from it now). I made quite a few thousand dollars during that time and, as a writer, it gives you freedom - you can write the content for the blog you're going to flip, but usually you'll get paid a little extra for it.

    Of course, it's not passive income but it's great for getting some cash when you need it. Anyway, I definitely recommend it! I had a lot of success with it and am going to start up again shortly.

  2. Ruth,
    Thanks for commenting. I think blog flipping sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing your experience with it. :)

  3. The one thing I would be concerned with is my name. I have invested time and credibility and what if someone were to buy it and use it for marketing things you found objectionable? Otherwise it sounds like a quick profit.

  4. Hi Judy,
    Good point. I think that in most cases, if you are creating blogs to flip, you keep the owner annonymous so you personally won't be attached to it. Something to be aware of. :)

  5. I have not considered flipping a blog but instead have considered purchasing a blog. I would be curious as to the earning potential of a blog that did not receive many updates.

    Since I don't want to invest any of my own money while making money online, I would have to wait until I made enough via content to consider this. It would be nice to see what potential is there. I would like to hear from any purchasers as well.

  6. Kidgas,
    That's would be interesting to know. I just assumed that if a person purchased a blog they would continue to update it, but maybe not. Would be interesting to hear from someone who has purchased a blog.

  7. you found objectionable? Otherwise it sounds like a quick profit.

    Work from home

  8. Hi Prashant,
    Thanks for visiting. Not sure what you mean by "you found objectionable?" I thought blog flipping sounded like an interesting idea. I agree, it may be a good way to make a quick profit. :)

  9. Great idea.I have heard that money can be earned through blogging and through adsense...but there are tricks of the trade which have to be learnt well

  10. Hi, jenicoe2001 from ehow again!! :) I have been wondering about this topic... again great blog and thank you for the info!


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