Monday, December 7, 2009

Taking the Plunge with Life123

Hi all,

I couldn't stand the suspense any longer so I just had to give Life123 a try and see how quickly a person could make money there.  (See my review of Life123)  Before I reviewed the site, I had signed up as a member so I could share the experience with all of you, but I had yet to submit an article there.  As I said in my review, I wasn't completely happy about the idea of selling full rights to Life123 for only a lifetime maximum earnings of $20.  But after reading how Kidgas of My Online Income has been doing there with his articles, I just had to try it myself.  As the saying goes, leave no stone unturned. 

So, last week I placed my first article there (Evening Primrose Oil: Herbal Remedy for Heart Health and other Ailments - Please feel free to visit the article - I need the clicks!).  It took a full 24 hours before it was reviewed and accepted and placed on the site.  Then I did all the social networking sites for it and sat back to see my clicks add up.  So far I've only had 13 views.  Ugg.  Because I am so used to placing articles on sites like Suite101 where you can get 200-400 views the first day, I was disappointed that this one only received 13.  At Life123, you make your first $5 on the first 50 clicks.  I really thought it would be easy to get that first 50; now I see it will take longer than I originally thought.

Of course, subject matter makes a big difference too.  I am aware that not everyone is going to Google and Yahoo searching for Evening Primrose Oil articles.  So my next article there (yes, I will try a few more before deciding if it is worth my time) will be more keyword friendly on topics people do go searching for.  But this one article did satisfy my curiosity as to how hard/easy it is get views and I will be more careful of the topics I submit in the future.  I think with the right articles, a writer could make a fairly good residual income from Life123.  Maybe nothing like eHow or Suite101, but every little bit counts.

Another Benefit of Writing for Several Sites

There are other benefits of writing for several sites around the Internet.  Last month I was offered a full-time writing job from a large website after an editor there had seen an article of mine on Associated Content.  Even though the per-article price was definately very good, I declined it after much thought because I really didn't want to be tied down to one site and one or two subjects.  I don't want the stress of weekly deadlines anymore, and luckily I don't have to have them.  Then, last week I recieved another very good offer to write a series of articles for another large website after an editor there had seen articles of mine on Suite101.  This is a one-time deal for a good price, so I did accept it.  The topic of the articles is also one I enjoy writing about, so that makes it especially good.  (And I wouldn't mind if they offered me more assignments, either. :))  So don't just think of your articles as a way to earn one income, think of them as a showcase for your work too; a way to possibly get some prime assignments.


And don't forget about referrals.  A very nice lady in Detroit used my referral number when she signed up for and now I will receive referral money from that.  Robyn Adams is the Detroit Allergy Examiner and she writes very helpful articles for families with allergy problems.  Be sure to visit her articles if that subject interests you.   And if you decide to join Examiner as a writer, and you want to be really nice, you can use my referral number 28293 when you sign up. :)

Happy writing


There was some confusion over the minimum amount you must earn before Life123 made a payout and that has all been clarified in updates at my Life123 Review



  1. Showcasing your writing is definitely a side benefit that I really hadn't considered. I still think Life123 is working on getting traffic. It does have a Page Rank of 6 vs ehow's 7. Don't know how much effect that might have. According to Alexa, it has a US traffic rank of 3837 while ehow's is 47. Big difference there. Suite101's is 361. So, that may very well be part of it.

  2. Hi DeAnna,
    Thanks for adding my button to your blogroll.
    I stopped by to read your latest post and to pick up your button.
    I look forward to reading your article on Life 123

  3. this sounds like a cool idea. maybe i should try it out. :D

  4. This is my second time trying to post a thank you to you for the low down on this site. Last time my computer screen rolled and I ended up on Viva La Fashion's dashboard. :-)

  5. Thanks for the link to my Examiner articles. I told a friend about it today and she's going to join so now I will get a referral bonus, too!!

  6. hello hello! thank you for the information. i will check this one out later after dinner.

    and thank you, too for putting my Ovah'Coffee "how to create a badge" link here in your blog. thank you also for putting my badge in your badge list. i checked feedjit and it said that one of my blog visitors came from your blog so that is why i am here now. to thank you, i am now following your blog and have sent you a twitter request for me to follow you. i will also add your badge to my friends' badge list and will add your link to my blogroll.

    again, i thank you so much and i am glad that you also found the tutorial easy to follow.

    have a nice day.

  7. hello DeAnn. just want to let you know that i have already added your badge and link in my blogroll and badge's page. have a nice day and thanks!

  8. Thank you all for taking the time to comment. And thanks, Maxi, for adding my badge to your site. :) I get many of my readers from mentions on other sites.

  9. DeAnna,
    I enjoyed your Life123 article on weight loss tips. I look forward to reading more articles in the future.


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