Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Triond has New Features to Earn Money

Hi all,

Recently Triond has added two new ways to earn more money through their site.  (You can read my orginial review of Triond here.)  First, Triond has added Google Adsense earnings to your articles.  Not only do you earn the ad revenue as before, but in addition you can now earn Google ad revenue that is paid directly into your Google account.  Triond also keeps track of your Google ad earnings in your dashboard on their site.  While I don't have many articles at Triond, I do earn a few dollars a month there.  So far, with the Google Adsense addition, I am now earning twice as much as before.  Adding Google ads was a plus for writers at Triond.

Another way Triond is helping their writers earn more income is through a writer referral program.  You earn 10% of any writer's income that you refer.  Triond also keeps track of how much you earn from your referrals on your dashboard.  You do have to be an active member of Triond who is still earning residual income each month in order to earn referral income. You also have to send an e-mail to Triond to apply to have a referral account.  Check their latest messages to writers to learn where to e-mail the request.

If you are thinking of writing for Triond, now would be a good time to join.  If you are already a member, but don't write for Triond too often, you might want to start thinking of Triond as a good residual income site.

Happy writing,


  1. Hi DeAnna,
    My experience with Triond hasn't been great.. I'd love to know what has been your Triond strategy.. I do have about 20 odd articles up, but they barely bring in a few odd cents and am seriously considering giving up writing for it altogether..
    Would appreciate any advice/insight/suggestions??

  2. Hi Prerna,
    Sorry you haven't had much luck with Triond. For me, Triond is just an extra income maker much like Associated Content is. I place an article on there and then also place the article on other sites that accept previously published work. (This is allowed at Triond, I verified it with the site.) I have noticed that since they now place Google income in your Google account, the regular earnings have gone down quite a bit. If I were you, I'd just let the articles sit there for awhile and see what they make through the months. The good news is there is not minimum payout and they do pay monthly. Good luck. :)

  3. Thanks DeAnna.. I had no idea we could place articles on other sites. Yeah, I'll just let them sit there and gather the pennies each month:-)I tried using the same KW strategy I use for Suite, but even that doesn't work there!


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