Saturday, November 7, 2009

Suite101 Update

Hi all,

I recently had a comment from one of my readers expressing interest in hearing more about my experience with Suite101.  So, I thought I'd do an update.  I currently have 27 articles on Suite101 (will be 28 as soon as I get to adding my latest article) and so far I haven't seen big money there.  Now, that is not to say that you can't earn really good money there - many people do - I just haven't hit that magic number yet.  Reading around the blogs, I get the impression that once you have 50+ articles at Suite you start seeing a good monthly income.  That sounds about right.  It wasn't until I had over 36 articles at eHow that I saw the money begin to really grow.  Also, the subjects that you write on have a lot to do with how much you earn.  Most of my articles at Suite are on health or children's health issues, and while they do receive many views they don't necessarily earn a high income.  My most popular article gets 50-100 hits a day and seems to be my biggest money maker.  The others tend to get 20 hits and under each day. 

Even though I haven't made big money at Suite101 yet, I do plan to continue writing there until my first year is up and see where I am.  Interest in topics change, and while one day I may get 10 clicks on an article, suddenly another day I get 400 on the same article.  My opinion on Suite101 is that you have to be in it for the long haul.  And you have to be committed to writing at least 50-100 articles to start seeing the earnings you desire.  The only reason I haven't published more articles there yet is because I have been busy with so many other writing commitments.  Also, my eHow earnings have been growing faster than Suite101, so I have been writing more there.  Of course I have twice as many articles at eHow than Suite, so that is probably why.

The pros of writing at Suite101:
  • Your articles will rank high on Google and therefore get more clicks than anywhere else (that is my experience).
  • You get feedback from the editors there and learn to write quality articles that earn views.
  • Writing there pushes you to write quality articles instead of sluffing off like can sometimes happen at other sites.
  • You can make a good income over time if you are patient.
If you are thinking seriously of writing for Suite101, I would suggest applying and giving it a try for one year.  As a contributing writer, you only have to write a minimum of 10 articles every 3 months.  If, after a year you are not satisfied, you can stop writing there but still receive residual income for as long as you keep the articles posted on the site.

More Information on Suite101

Visit Felicia's blog "No Job For Mom" and Willow's blog "The Freelance Home Writer" to read their take on Suite101.  Prerna Malik of "The Mom Writes" is also an avid Suite writer and was just promoted to Feature Writer, so visit her blog too for her opinion of Suite101. 

Would love to hear comments from other Suite101 writers who want to share their opinion and experiences with Suite101.

Happy writing

(Back to fall again. We had the first beautiful day in weeks, but  I'm sure winter is on the way.)


  1. Hi DeAnna,
    Thanks for the mention:-)You're right, earnings start to get much better once you're over the 50 article milestone and of course, topic selection and SEO make a big difference. Glad to see you being at Suite for the long haul..
    Best wishes and blessings.

  2. Aloha DeAnna!!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful input and information!! I found you on and I too have a blogsite here..!! I am involved with another wonderful company that your income potential is limitless.. please email me if your interested!! Looking forward to reading and rating more of your articles!! Aloha!!


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