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November Goals &

Hi all,

Well, it's November which, way up here in the far north, means we now expect snow to come and stay (unlike the October snow we were already getting) and also expect extremely cold temps and spending plenty of time indoors (unless you are one of those hardy folks who loves to freeze - and there are many of you who do).  To me, November is the start of my time to really buckle down and get some serious writing done.  Not only the writing I've been doing, but also the writing I love best - fiction writing.

Setting Writing Goals

I always think it is good to set goals no matter what you do in life, but as a freelancer who is in charge of my own time with no boss standing over me, goals are even more important.  Without goals, I would probably never finish an article, let alone 60 articles.  For me, setting goals comes naturally because I am one of those annoying sort who loves to organize and plan.  For others it isn't as easy, but I recommend you try just to give yourself a push. 

When I started my residual income writing, it was to build up an income that would give me a few extra dollars a month while I work on my next fiction novel this winter.  Before that, I was writing for up-front pay, which is wonderful but when you stop submitting work, you stop earning money.  So I thought I'd give the residual income earning a try, and I have not been disappointed.  Between eHow and Suite101, as well as the many other sites I write for, I do have a nice little residual income.  I am nowhere near the amount I want to be yet, but I will get there.  Because I found I enjoy writing for the residual income sites so much, my plan of stopping to submit for several months has changed.  I now want to both build up the residual income sites and work on my novel.  So, for the month of November I plan to spend 1-2 days a week submitting articles to my residual sites and 4-5 days a week working on my novel.  Yes, that means that I will probably work 6-7 days a week all winter, but I don't mind it.  When you love what you do, you love doing it.  It just isn't work.  And besides, a workday for me isn't traditional.  I can work mornings, afternoons or evenings, depending upon what is going on in my life each day.  Since I no longer have young children needing my attention 100% of the time, I have that luxuary.

Adding to My Residual Sites

On top of writing for eHow and Suite101, I have also recently applied for, and was accepted as, the Minnesota Heart Health Examiner.  I had actually applied for the National Heart Health position since I didn't know they had state openings, so I was pleased to be asked to be their state heart health Examiner.  I have one article there so far and will be submitting 3-4 each week.  I really like my topic as it is one I can embellish on and come up with ideas for articles easily.  I write a lot of health articles, and heart health ones, already so it won't be too difficult for me to write 200-400 word articles for Examiner. 

Why Examiner? 

I have read a lot of reviews about Examiner, both good and bad.  I came to the conclusion that I wanted to try it for myself and see how well a person can do there.  I read good and bad reviews about eHow, Associated Content, Suite101 and Constant-Content, yet I enjoy writing for these sites and have done well with them. I will give Examiner a try for a few months and see how well I do.  I'll let you all know how it goes and do a more extensive review about the site later on.  (If you are thinking about signing up as a writer for, I would be pleased if you would use my referral number when you sign up.  It is 28293.  Thanks.)

So, my plan for November is to write my 3-4 Examiner articles a week and try to add 5-6 articles to eHow and 2 articles to Suite101 for the month.  My book will take up the rest of my time.  I plan to finish this book whether or not I am able to find an agent or publisher, because I love novel writing that much.  I can always self-publish if I have to.  I've done that before, and with good results.  But I am hoping that "third time's a charm" is true and I will finally find a publisher in the traditional sense.  If not, I will have my residual income to fall back on, which I also enjoy very much.

What are your goals for November?  For the winter?

Happy writing,
(Winter is coming! Photo by Hanna Zabielska @ Stock.Xchng)


  1. I have goals but because I work a full time job outside my home none of my family or friends take my writing serious. To them it's just a hobby. They think I should drop and run for them. I think I've spoiled them.

  2. Oh lovely.. I always set goals for the month.. I'll be doing the 30 in 30 suite challenge and also, writing for Untrained Housewife and my blog.. plus a few private clients.. I haven't really thought of all my goals.. will probably do that when writing my monthly goal blog post:-)

  3. Wow, Prerna, 30 in 30 at Suite101 sounds like a full-time job in itself. Good luck - you're a busy lady.

    Speaking of busy ladies - Judy, I know what you mean about not being taken seriously about your writing. All the years that I worked outside the home and wrote nights and weekends, no one took me seriously either. But you do do some serious writing - I've visited some of your Triond and eHow articles and they are excellent.

  4. You're absolutely right. Setting goals when you don't have a boss over your shoulder is extremely important.It's easy to slack off and not get any work done. Many people don't realize that when you work for yourself, you can end up working even longer hours, at least initially.

    Great job on building your residual income. Life will sure be good once you have enough to not worry about money.


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