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Writing Site Life123.com Review

Hi all,

Welcome to all the new members here at Write Moms. I hope you are finding helpful information and are enjoying rummaging through the site. I’ve been busy writing articles for eHow and Suite101 this month, so I haven’t been posting as much here at Write Moms. I do try to find new sites to bring to you, though, and that is what I have today.

I really didn’t find Life123.com, they found me. I received an e-mail from them inviting me to join. I assume they had a list of writers from other sites and sent out e-mails to a lot of people, but I did go and check them out. This is what I found.

What is Life123.com? (Life123 is no longer taking submissions as of 2/1/10 - Sorry)
Life123 is a writing site that is looking for experienced writers who will contribute interesting and well-researched articles on one of the many topics that their site covers. From what I can tell, Life123 is a fairly new site and is actively searching for new writers to fill their pages. However, the owner of Life123 is the company that also owns Ask.com, iWon, Match.com, Citysearch as well as many other well-known internet companies. They are also associated with partners such as Parenthood.com and Southern Living. So, this company is no stranger to the Internet and is on the fast track to creating a popular information site out of Life123.

The topics that Life123 covers vary greatly, so there is sure to be a topic for any interested writer. Arts, Beauty, Career, Crafts, Food, Health, Holidays, Home and Garden, Parenting, Relationships and Technology are just a few of their many topics available.

Joining Life123

To join Life123 all you need are the basics, e-mail address, password, pen name or real name and a Pay Pal account e-mail for payment. I did join Life123 and did not find a section where you have to give them you Social Security Number or any other financial information. Life123 does not accept writers from outside the U.S. Once you have been accepted, you can then update your profile and submit your first article. The first article must be original and has to be accepted by the editors before publication. After the first article is accepted, it sounds like you can then go live with your articles when you submit them, however, at some point an editor will review your article and ask you to make changes, if necessary.

Writing for Life123

Life123 accepts only original material that has never been published before and they claim exclusive rights to this material forever. So, if you submit articles to Life123, they will own your articles forever, even if you no longer write for the site. This is one point to keep in mind when deciding if it is worth the pay you may make for the site to exclusively own your work.

Articles must be a minimum of 300 words up to a maximum of 1,000 words. Articles must be written in the third person, just like they are at Suite101. Life123 has their own specific Article Style Guide which you can view after you join. They expect articles to be written in a certain way, much like Suite101, and do not allow certain sites as reference sites. You are limited to writing 10 articles a month, which may be increased as you work your way up in their system.

Writers have the opportunity to move up the ladder at Life123. When you first join, you are called a Member. Once you submit an article and have been accepted as a writer, you are considered a Contributor. Contributors can submit only 10 articles per month. Once you have written 10 articles and have attracted at least 500 unique visitors to your articles you can move up to Writer and are allowed to submit 40 articles per month. Once you have submitted 25 articles and have attracted at least 2,500 unique visitors to your articles you can become an Expert and then you are allowed to submit 150 articles a month.

Payment at Life123

Payment of up to $20 per article is possible through the Life123 system. Here is how it works.

- $5 for the first 50 Unique Visitors

- $5 for the next 500 Unique Visitors

- $10 for the next 500 Unique Visitors

Payment is made monthly via your Pay Pal account if your account has reached a minimum of $10 for the month. Otherwise the money is withheld to continue to accumulate until you reach the minimum.

What I Think of Life123

Life123 sounds like a good site to write for but there are a couple of things that bother me. You give Life123 full rights to the article the minute you submit it and you can only earn a maximum of $20 on an article no matter how well it is doing on the site. Granted, some articles will make up to the $20 and others won’t. But if the article is popular and continues earning money for Life123, you will stop earning at the $20 maximum payment. That is something to seriously consider before submitting articles. Also, I read in some of their fine print that they can delete an article after a certain amount of time (can’t remember how long) if it is no longer earning any money. So, you lose the article on the site, you cannot submit it anywhere else and you can no longer earn money with it. My advice is to read all the Terms of Use, Agreements and Guidelines before submitting any work to Life123.

We all have our opinions on which writing sites are good and which are not. Life123 may be a great writing site for some people, may not be for others. I do find it an interesting site and well worth looking into, and possibly writing for.

Happy Writing,


(Photo by Deanna Sletten - Our fall has really turned into winter here, but I took this of the road into our state park the day before it snowed. Yes, snow in October - MN is full of surprises.)

Update on Life123

In my review I stated that Life123 paid out as soon as you reach the $10 minimum amount of earnings, however that is apparently not the case.  In their FAQ's, Life123 states that they pay out at a minimum of $5, yet a writer for the site has been told that they pay out at a minimum of $25 in earnings.  I just wanted you to be aware of this in case you are considering writing for this site.


Update on Life123 Payout Minimum

I wrote to Life123 to have them verify their payout minimum and this is the answer I received:


Sorry for your frustration! We know we have a few mismatching statements.

Short answer: Writers get paid once a month (next time will be Tuesday), and the minimum payout is $5, not $10 or $25 or anything else you read on our site or anywhere else.

We are working to fix these mismatching numbers and we arrived at the $5 payout because we wanted writers to be paid as soon as they earned! Being part of a big company like IAC means there are lots of checks and balances on all systems, hence once a month payment.

Sorry for the confusion, we are still relatively new at this. But as you mentioned, we are IAC and we're good for the money, so don't worry about that.

It is our mission and goal to make writers feel comfortable at our site and happy with our payment. We are always looking for feedback, so feel free to write me back or contact me at the number below.

Robert Deutsch
VP Content Development & Operations

Considering I wrote to them on a Sunday and received the answer on the Sunday,  I'd say their communication is top-notch.  So this answers the minimum payment question - it is $5.00. 



  1. DeAnna,

    Thank you SO much for ur comment on my family blog Team Edwards! Also, you are the first non-friend/family memeber to grab my button! SO exciting! I really appreciate that! I am also grabbing yours as well. I am also very excietd to read through all of your information as I am an aspiring writer. I have 3 books that I am currently writing, but not sure what happens after that. Please stay in touch as I will do with you also.

    Thanks again,

  2. I really appreciate how you check these sites out and give us the skinny on them.

    Thanks and God bless!

  3. Thanks for posting this, DeAnna.. Hoping you come across some new sites that do accept international writers, like moi:-)

  4. I found this post when I was originally deciding whether or not to try this site. I have worked with many sites that pay rev share or X$$ per 1,000 views (CPM). After doing the math, I realized that $5. for 50 views was something like $100 CPM. Isn't Bukisa and company paying something like $5 CPM? It just seems a pretty easy way to make $20 on an article of my choice of only 300 words. I'm thinking that I can whip these out in 15 minutes if I put my mind to it and write about what I know. Or at least I'm going to try!

  5. Hi Brenda,
    Yes, I do think that it would be fairly easy to earn the first $5 with only 50 views on Life123. By using a few of the many social networking sites like Digg and StumblUpon, you are sure to get at least 50 views. The harder part will be getting the next 500, then 500 more for the total of $20. But I do think it can be done. Good luck.

  6. DeAnna,
    First off, thanks for adding a link to my blog. Second, I appreciate this post and decided to sign up for Life123 to see if I can produce a somewhat steady stream of income as I continue to work elsewhere. I will be sure to keep everyone up to date on my progress on my blog. Waiting for my first article to be accepted.

  7. Kidgas - Happy you were able to use the information. Hope it is a good site to write for. Let us know how it goes. :)

  8. Thanks for reviewing this site; I appreciate hearing your experience. Due tot he earnings limit as well as giving up rights, it's not a site I will use but perhaps it would be good for those getting started with online writing or who want to build backlinks to other work (do they allow do-follow links in articles?)

  9. Hi Maria,

    Life123 doesn't allow any links or photos in the artices you submit. I forgot to mention that in the review. I understand your concerns about being limited to $20 for earnings and giving up all rights. If I am earning a limited amount of money for an article, I like to at least have the rights to sell it elsewhere. Thanks for visiting and for your comment!

  10. Thanks so much. I appreciate knowing that you will only make $20 on the article over its lifetime. That pretty much seals the deal for life123: Nope. Not for me.

  11. Well life123 is done:(

    Pretty much stinks if you ask me.
    Are there any other sites with the same basic setup as life123?

  12. Hi Robert,
    I understand your frustration with Life123 - it takes forever to get to the first $5 and then who knows when you will get up to the $20 payout. I don't know of any other sites that are similar in payment to Life123. However, you may want to try LoveToKnow.com. They pay up-front for articles and I think they start at $20. You can read the review for more information.
    Good luck,


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