Sunday, October 11, 2009

Taking a Second Look at Associated Content

Hi all,

Recently I have been taking a second look at Associated Content (AC) as a site for serious residual income. (See my past review of AC) I have been a member of AC since May 2007 and have published 83 articles there to date. I have never really given AC much thought as a serious money-maker, but after the last few days I’m beginning to. Here is some history and my reasoning why I’m taking a closer look.

Just Another Residual Site

I found AC around the time I discovered Constant-Content (CC), so at the time, in comparison to the money I was making at CC, AC was just another one of “those residual income sites” to me. (I am no longer a snob about residual income - I love it now!) AC purchased my first submitted article for $8.12 and I would earn $1.50 per 1,000 views after that. My first article that sold at CC was for $65.00 of which I kept $42.25 of after they extracted their percentage. So, you can see why I very happily forgot about AC and worked to place articles on Constant. After that, I only placed articles that had sat on CC for a long time and didn’t sell onto AC for either an up-front payment and views or just for the payment of views. When things were slow at CC, I did submit a few articles to AC for payment plus views but by then they were paying an average of only $4.50 for up-front payments. After two years I accumulated several articles there, some of which were highlighted as editor choice articles in different sections, and worked my clout level up to a 7 and my earnings per 1,000 to $1.55. Still, I didn’t look at AC as a good residual earning site.

Why a Second Look at Associated Content?

Recently I received an e-mail from an editor at AC informing me that one of my articles was going to be highlighted as a main article in the Health & Wellness section for one week. Since the article was 2 years old, I was surprised but happy. That same week I placed a short news item on AC because I just felt like writing the piece and really didn’t think it would fit in at my other writing sites eHow and Suite101. I made $4.00 that week, and my content views have continued to rise just from adding that one article and having the other one highlighted. Now, I realize that $4.00 for one article for one week isn’t big money, but since my AC monthly earnings had steadily stayed around the $5.00 a month level for 2 years, it caught my attention. Maybe, just maybe, if I used AC to its full potential I could include it among my serious residual income writing sites. After all, there are people out there making serious money on AC, or so they say. I highly doubt I will become rich from AC, but it may add more money than I first thought to my income.

What I Like about Associated Content

AC has really grown and matured in the two years since I’ve been there. They have a huge audience and more writers than you can shake a stick at. Because of this, they can appeal to both large sections of the population as well as small sections. You can write about what is happening in Los Angeles, or in your small town of 5,000 people and the article will have a following.

I like that you can publish just about anything you feel like writing. News, articles on most any topic, opinion pieces, fiction and poetry. I took a look at some of AC’s top producing writers and found that many reported stories from their home towns as well as pieces that would interest a wider population. I also noticed that many of them are using AC to publish previously published articles from other sites. They are using AC much as I had, as a place to make extra money on already written material, but they are using it more efficiently than I had. That is another reason why I like AC – you can republish articles there and get more mileage out of your hard work.

What I like most is you know exactly what you will earn at AC. There is no magical number to figure, no Google Revenue figure to wonder about. You simply earn a set dollar amount for every view of your articles. It may be low, but it is consistent.

Final Thoughts

I think AC is a good site to re-publish already written material and earn extra money at.  That being said, I must also say I am not all for re-publishing everything you’ve ever written on every site that lets you. Choose the sites that will give you the best earning potential and only re-publish articles on one or two sites. Always place your articles on the highest earning site first, give it some time to generate money, and if it begins to lose income then re-publish it on the next highest earning site. Surprisingly enough, sometimes an article that doesn’t do well on one site may earn a great deal of money on another.

As for me, I think that while I am building original material at Suite101 and eHow, I will also be adding to AC on a regular basis too. I am close to moving up to the next level which will put my income to $1.60 per 1,000, so I might as well work towards that goal. Most of what I will place at AC will be re-prints, but I also enjoy writing the occasional opinion piece or news article.

What about you? Do you write for AC and make a good income there or do you only make a few dollars a month? I’d love to hear your opinions on the site.

Happy writing,


(Photo Copyright DeAnna Sletten - This is Chessie on our favorite walking trail - then it snowed the next two days! Snow in October, ridiculous!)


  1. Wow! I didn't even know that this existed. I appreciate you explaining all this in the post. If I have questions, can I email you?

  2. Thanks DeAnna!! You have given me some points to reconsider about these sites! So far I have only written for eHow. Thanks again!! : ) Jen


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