Friday, October 23, 2009

eHow Now Reviews Articles before Publishing

Hi all,

For all of you eHow writers out there I just wanted to let you know that eHow is now reviewing ALL articles before they go live on the site.  Maybe other people knew this already, but it just happened to me today as I posted an article.  They claim it will only take 10 minutes for the article to be reviewed, so we shall see. 

I know that many eHow writers have been having trouble posting articles and pictures over the past week.  I have too.  Apparently the site was gearing up for their "review" phase to start working.  If you read the community forum on eHow, you can see how unhappy many eHow writers are with the site.  Most of it is just complaining because they don't read the rules or writer's guidelines, but some of the complaints are legit.  I think eHow could inform their writers better by posting what is going on or sending out e-mails.  But that is just my opinion.

As to my opinion of this new Review process - I'm kind of on the fence about it right now.  While I think it will be good for the site so junk articles are not placed live on the site, I'm also afraid that they will start to get too picky and take away from the fun of writing for eHow.  And, if the editors are anything like the ones at Demand Studios - ugg - watch out.  Let's hope the editors are English Speaking Editors, unlike some of the editors at Demand Studios. 

Good luck to all you eHowers out there and I hope the review process doesn't cramp your style but instead helps us all to become the best writers we can be.

Happy Writing,


  1. If it keeps us from getting shocked and surprised by the sweeps, I am all for it. I have had no trouble getting a fair amount of respect over at InfoBarrel despite the review process. Ezine Articles, however, took 2 weeks. Not for me.

  2. Hi Kidgas,
    That is one good point on having a review process - people will know right away if their article isn't up to snuff. Most sites do review articles now. Of all the sites I write for, Associated Content is the only one that doesn't review articles first.
    Thanks for visiting!


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