Monday, October 26, 2009

eHow Update: My Top 6 Articles

Hi all,
As usual, I was checking my eHow earnings for the day and evaluating which articles were doing the best and I decided I should share this information with you.  Because I do have an accounting background and I love numbers, I keep a spreadsheet on my daily views and earnings on eHow to evaluate just how much I make for each click per day.  Yes, I know that makes me a bit, uh, what's the word? I'll use "uptight" instead of the "a" word. But my logic is that I like to see the ups and downs of each day to get a handle on if my earnings are raising or lowering and by how much.  I also like to evaluate which articles are doing well so I get an idea on which subject matter gets the most reads.  Now, I understand the we aren't paid per click and it all has to do with ad revenue and such, but the more popular the keyword, the more we get paid, so it's nice to know which articles are doing well.  For instance, I've found that articles with the word "kitchen" in them seem to make good money per click.  So, of course, I wrote two more articles with the word "kitchen" in the title and they did well also.  My being a---, uh, I mean uptight, has paid off a bit.

Yes, I do know that Google has a Keyword Estimator and I do use that on occassion.  When I wrote three articles on acid reflux it was because I used the Google Keyword Estimator and found out that keyword did well in both clicks and money.  I can tell you, after writing three different acid reflux articles for eHow and then another one for Suite101, I was not only knowledgeable on the subject but also sick and tired of it as well.  But it was worth the income in the end.  But I'm rambling, so I will get back on subject.

My Top 6 Earning eHow Articles so Far

Now, keep in mind that I only started writing for eHow on June 11, 2009.  I currently have 62 articles on eHow and while all are earning something, these are the ones that are earning the most so far. I'll put the date they were posted so you know how long it took for them to earn this amount.

6/11/09 - How to Stop Belly Bloat - $15.02

7/22/09 - How to Improve Your Health with the Benefits of Lecithin - $6.72

8/13/09 - How to Lower Bad Cholesterol with Simple Diet Changes - $10.84

8/25/09 - How to Prevent Acid Reflux through Diet and Lifestyle Changes - $5.59

8/29/09 - How to Make Your Small Kitchen Stylish and Efficient - $9.53

9/2/09 - How to Find the Most Fabulous Fall Foliage - $4.90

Who knew belly bloat would be so popular?  That was my first article posted and it has so far made the most money.  Keep in mind that many of these articles are earning around .01 to .02 cents per click, which I don't find bad at all.  I also have many other articles in the $4-5 dollar range too, just wanted to give you an example of ones that are earning well.  Of course, I also have articles that have only made a few cents, but over time I believe they will eventually make money.  I've had articles on other sites such as Associated Content that just sit with very few views and then one day, months later, begin collecting views like crazy. Interest in subjects change often so you should never give up on an article, even after a year or two.  As another example of that, I recently had an article on Suite101 that was only getting a few views each day and then one day it had 320 views.  As I said, you never know.

eHow's New Review System

As I  mentioned before, eHow is now reviewing all articles before they go live.  It must be a computerized review system because no matter what the time of day or night they review them in about 10 minutes.  I submitted one at midnight the other night and it went through in 10 minutes.  I am assuming they are scanning it through a plagiarism checker and possibly some sort of subject checker as well to scan for inappropriate words.  Since I am no computer guru, I have no idea what type of programs are out there for this, but I highly doubt they have live editors sitting there all night just waiting to read a submission.  I have no complaints so far about their review system, but all of mine have gone through so far so that is why.

What do all of you think?

Happy writing,


  1. Wow, DeAnna! Love the idea of a spreadsheet to track income and clicks and everything else.. I've just gotten hooked to creating spreadsheets and you've given me another idea:-)
    Thanks for sharing your top 6 articles.. Goes to show that diversity works best!

  2. Wow! So you actually make money!

    Have a great day ♥

  3. Thanks for the comments. Redhead Riter - yes, you can actually make money at eHow. The best part is you continue to make money on the articles for months and years to come. :)


  4. Hi DeAnna,
    Here is an award for your lovely blog

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  6. Thank you for the information. Very few posts I've read on the subject have been forthcoming with numbers. It's so helpful to get an idea of what the possibilities are. Thank you.


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