Monday, September 21, 2009

Xomba: Writing and Social Bookmarking Site

Hello everyone,

I had read on many writers’ sites how people were making money posting articles on Xomba, yet for the longest time I just didn’t bother checking this site out. It is another site where you earn ad revenue from Google Adsense ads placed on the pages of your articles, so I didn’t think it was a site where you could earn much money. However, after visiting Xomba and looking it over, I do feel there is more to it than I originally thought.

What is Xomba?

Xomba describes itself as, “a thriving community of members who earn profit from posting articles (Xombytes) and social bookmarks (Xomblurbs)”. On Xomba, you can publish articles, poetry, fiction stories, commentaries, book reviews or any other type of article that you think would be interesting to the public and the Xomba community. These longer articles are called Xombytes. Google Adsense ads (you must set up a Google Adsense account if you don’t already have one) are placed on the pages at random with 50% belonging to Xomba and 50% belonging to you. If an ad that belongs to you is clicked on, then you receive the revenue from that ad. The money is earned through your Google Adsense account and once you earn a minimum of $100 you can request a payout from Google.

Article Rights on Xomba

Xomba states that you own all rights to the items you post on their site. It is best to place a Copyright notification on each article just to protect the article from someone copying it. You can place articles you’ve written that already appear on other sites on Xomba – they do not need to be unique. They do need to belong to you; if plagiarism is suspected, Xomba will cancel your account.


Xomblurbs are what I find most interesting on the Xomba site. They are much like the social bookmarking sites you use to promote your articles such as Digg, StumbleUpon or Spurl. You can place a link and a description to an article you have on another site, let’s say an article on eHow, and you can earn ad revenue on these links’ pages the same way you do with the articles on Xomba. Not only are you promoting your articles but you can earn income from promoting them. I think this is a good way to add money into your Google Adsense account, especially if you write for many sites and want to promote your articles. The one thing you can’t do is promote Xombytes articles on a Xomblurb.

The Community of Xomba

Xomba is a social community as well; much like eHow or FireHow or HubPages, you can make friends, rate articles and communicate with your friends. You also earn points for posting articles and links, but Xomba explains that these points are just for fun and are not used for any reason.

Joining Xomba

It is easy to join Xomba since all you really need to do is give them your basic information and set up a username and password. Then, if you already have a Google Adsense account, just place the account number in the space provided. If you don’t have a Google Adsense account then you will have to set one up. There are links in the set-up at Xomba to get you where you need to go. Always read the FAQ’S and Terms of Service Agreement before placing your articles on any site!

My Opinion of Xomba

Xomba states that you won’t get rich on their site, but you will make some extra money and I agree with them there. If you already belong to writing sites where you earn money through Google Adsense ads, like HubPages, or you are earning money through Google on a blog then you may want to use Xomba to build up your Adsense earnings.

The social bookmarking feature on Xomba is what interests me most. Since I have articles at places like eHow, Suite101, Associated Content and Triond, I can places links to these articles on a Xomblurb and possibly earn money if ads are clicked on. Even if I don’t earn money from the ads, I will have another source from where people will find my articles and click on them. It certainly can’t hurt.

Happy writing,

9/22/09 Xomba Update: A few days before I posted this article I had placed several links on Xomba in Xomblurbs to articles I have at other sites.  Now, everyday I have extra money in my Google Adsense account compared to a little money here and there from the blog.  So it looks like Xomba is a good place to place articles and links and I will continue to do so and see how it goes.  It will take awhile to get links to all of my articles on there, but it will be worth the trouble because I am actually making extra money with them. 

Also, thanks to everyone who has left a comment about Xomba.



  1. DeAnna,
    I agree with you totally on Xomba. I have not been there quite a month and have earned more there than on my blog. It is really simple to post the social bookmarks. I am working my way through all my eHow articles and will then move on to my Hubs.


  2. Kidgas - That is great to hear. I am also working my way through placing my eHow links on Xomba. Glad to hear you are actually making money from the link pages.

  3. Awww what a cute kitty. Following you from mombloggers.

  4. Interesting!!! I had not heard of Xomba!! Maybe I should try it too !!!

  5. DeAnna, what is your Xomba referral link?

    If I sign up I'd like for you to get credit for it. I've heard of Xomba before, but your review has made me want to give it a whirl.

  6. Going to check it out right now! Thanks for the info!

  7. Hey Deanna,

    Xomba sounds really interesting. Thanks for all the useful info about this site. After I'm done with my 14 in 14 challenge at Suite 101, I'll have to check this out.


  8. Hey Deanna,

    I just found your blog via Felicia's No Job for Mom blog. Nice to meet you. I'm on Triond as well. What's your name there? I'll look you up.

    Take care,

  9. Hi Aimee,
    I go by Deanna Lynn Sletten at Triond, but you can also click on the widget on the sidebar of my blog to visit my articles at Triond. Thanks for following!

  10. I think Xomba might have potential. I only write fou and have been looking for another place to publish articles. I just updated my earnings report on my blog check it out when you get a chance.

    How is your current earnings over at Xomba?

    Really enjoy your blog!

  11. Hi Lexy,
    It is difficult for me to track how my earnings are at Xomba since there are so many other sites that filter money into my Google account. I know I could tag everything on Xomba for Google, but it isn't worth the time spent. I do know that extra money appears from time to time, so I'm pretty sure it is from Xomba, but nothing big. Still, I like using it as a social bookmarking site.



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