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Hi all,

I came upon the site and thought it was interesting enough for a little more investigation. I did not apply for a writing job there, as I am already too busy with my other writing obligations, but I think it is really worth a look-see for those who want to add another up-front pay website to their list.


LoveToKnow is many sites within a site and covers a variety of topics - roughly 60 topics of interest that they call channels. Their channels cover such topics as antiques, crafts, cruises, dance, exercise, seniors, stress management and even tattoos, just to name a few. When you apply as a writer, you can choose several channels of interest that you may want to write for.

This site hires experienced writers who have: (and I quote from their Write for Us page)
"At least one year of professional writing experience."

"Minimum of six months writing Internet content, including work with a web-based content management system."

"Extensive experience with the chosen topics."

You can also apply to be a Site Editor, which involves having more experience and more responsibilities.

Approved writers can earn a beginning fee of $20 per 650 word article, so it sounds to me that you are able to earn more as you continue to write for this site. You are expected to write a minimum of 20 articles per month. (Although, on the application form they ask how many articles a month you think you can submit, so maybe the 20 per month rule isn't carved in stone.) This is what stopped me from applying, but may work well into your schedules. I just don't have the time to write 20 more articles a month right now. But this could add up into a very good income for the right person.

Since I have not applied or been accepted, I don't know how often they pay or how they send payment. I'm sure this will all be explained after you have been accepted.


The application form at LoveToKnow is quite extensive and will take some time to fill out. They ask all the basics, ask you to choose topics of interest, ask for a writing resume and ask for two writing samples of 400-800 words each with one being in your area of expertise (these samples will not be published and you still own all rights). You are then asked to write about your qualifications for each topic you have chosen and then they ask how many articles you can write each month. My suggestion is to be prepared by writing out most of this information in a Word Document or similar file so you can then just copy and paste into the form. This way you will not make any spelling or grammar errors and it will look more professional.

My Overall Thoughts

LoveToKnow looks to me like a good site to write for with many interesting topics to choose from. If I didn't already have so many other commitments, I wouldn't hesitate to apply. For freelancers who are always looking for another up-front pay site, this would be a good site to try.

If there are any writers out there who already write for LoveToKnow, we'd love to hear your opinion about this site. And if anyone applies and is accepted, let us know how you like writing for LoveToKnow.

Happy writing,
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  1. hi DeAnna, you continue to inspire me, and so i push myself even more to work hard. I'll surely be checking out lovetoknow. will get back to you when I get accepted (hopefully).

    thank u for stopping by my sites. :)

  2. Hi DeAnna,

    Thanks for taking a look at LoveToKnow and writing about us. Just wanted to give you a little more info:

    * We are actively hiring writers right now. We are looking for writers with expertise in the following areas: Cheerleading, Cycling, Cocktails and Mixology, Origami and Paper Crafts, Home Improvement and Appliances.
    * We pay once a month via PayPal.
    * There is a bit of an initial learning curve in writing for us, so we are a best fit for people who can write 15-20 articles for us each month.
    * We really do look at all the applications we get, but we can't respond to all of them due to the volume of applicants.


    Ann from

  3. Hi Deanna,

    Thanks for posting this. I came across LoveToKnow a while back and have since applied and am waiting for a response.

    I just read, however, while doing a search for upfront pay writing sites, that LoveToKnow only accepts US writers, which I'm not.

    I couldn't find the information before and assumed I would find it at the application page or when I hit Submit - the way it was with Demand Studio.

    Do you have information about this? Thanks before.

  4. Hi Lee,
    I went all over the Love to Know site and didn't find anything on whether or not they accept non-US writers. However, I also found another blog that lists LoveToKnow as a site that does accept international writers. I would say to wait and see how your application does. If you are told that they don't accept international writers, please let us know. Thanks.

  5. I just read Ann's response above. (I skipped previously because I thought she was only confirming the topics they want their writers to cover.)

    My application is probably in the 'read but not accepted' category :) but if and when I hear from LoveToKnow, I'll let you guys know.

  6. Demand Studios is a GREAT site to write for. They pay FAITHFULLY twice per week and have over 100,000 titles to choose from.....

  7. I believe is still actively hiring.

    If you apply you will have to complete two phone interviews, and a trial period. If the articles you write during your trial period are acceptable you will be paid for them and hired. Writers who go through the interview/trial process, but do not complete trial articles that meet their guidelines will not be paid for the articles unless they are reworked to meet guidelines. From what I have heard, the trial editors usually encourage writers to move on and not try to resubmit the articles. is a great egg if you can follow their guidelines, but you really have to pay attention to the editors instructions.

  8. LoveToKnow is no longer hiring. Actually, they laid off or greatly diminished the roles of most of their editors and writers on August 19, 2011 without any notice.. After more than four years with them, I was let go.. very sad...

  9. Sorry to hear that. Thanks for letting us know. I hope you find an even better opportunity in the near future.


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