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Daily Article - Writing Site Review

Hi all,

For those of you who like the freedom of choosing the topics you write about and setting your own price, then Daily Article might be the site for you.  At Daily Article you can submit your articles, set your own price and be paid for the article when it sells.  If that sounds interesting - read on.

About Daily Article

Daily Article started in 2007 and since then has built up a large group of writers who submit their work there.  At Daily Article, you submit your original articles on almost any topic you choose, set your own price, and after it has been approved by the editor and placed on the site you wait for it to sell.  It is easy to join Daily Article.  All you have to do is give basic information to set up an account plus your Pay Pal e-mail so you can be paid if an article sells.  They do not ask for any tax information such as your Social Security Number.  There is no up-front charge or subscription charge to join the site.  The site takes a percentage of each article sale instead.  Once you have signed up, you are ready to submit content.

The site does specify that all writers should be fluent in the English language.  However, it does not state anywhere whether or not a non U.S. or Canadian citizen can write for the site.  If you live outside of North America, you should contact the owners of Daily Article first to see if they accept writers from other countries before you apply.

Type of Content Accepted

Daily Article accepts articles on all types of subjects such as finance, home improvement, family, parenting, health and much more.  There are no restrictions on length of articles.  All articles you submit must be original content that have never been published before.  You only sell Full Rights on Daily Article and the buyer has the right to change your content in any way they wish and take your name off of it too.  An editor at Daily Article must approve your content before it is placed on the site and it will be run through CopyScape to make sure it is original. 

Once an article is accepted only a small portion of the article will be placed on the site as well as a summary for buyers to see it.  This ensures that large quantities of your articles will not be stolen as does happen at other sites.  The disadvantage to this, however, is the buyer doesn't get a good sense of how well written the article is and has to trust that the writer is good.  Customers can also make requests for certain articles but there is no Public Request page for writers to view.  I assume the site sends out an e-mail to let writers know about requests.

Rights to Articles

You own all rights to your articles until they are purchased for Full Rights by the customer.  You are then not allowed to sell the article elsewhere.  But, for unsold articles on the site, you can take them off of the site at any time and sell them elsewhere if they are not selling there.

Pricing of Articles and Payment

You can price your articles however you choose, but keep in mind that Daily Article receives 20% of the sale of an article for the use of the site.  From what I've seen browsing around the site, most articles are priced between $10 to $15 dollars for a 500-600 word article.  There are some that charge more, some less.  Overall, it looks to me that if you price an article too high, it won't sell, so most writers there charge under the $20 mark.

Payment is made by PayPal, but I could not find anywhere on the site that explains when you are paid.  You may be paid after each sale or weekly or once a month.  Authors receive 80% of every sale, which is a good percentage compared to other sites. 

Another Constant-Content?

Daily Article works quite the same as Constant-Content (CC) does, but does not offer as many amenities as CC does.  At CC, you can view the latest sales to get an idea what is selling and at what price, Public Requests are easily viewed and easily submitted to, you can receive private requests from customers, there is a Forum to ask questions and get answers quickly as well as communicate with the other writers, and there is also an affiliate program where writers can sign up new members and receive a percentage of any sales earned by those signed up under him.  The only advantage I see to Daily Article vs CC is that Daily Article only takes 20% of each sale while CC takes 35%.  It's really all in what you feel comfortable with.

My Take on Daily Article

I have been a member of Daily Article since 2007 so I have been watching it as it grows.  However, the only growth I've seen in two years is the list of writers and the number of articles posted there.  The site itself has had no major upgrades or changes that I have seen.  It also bothers me that you cannot view sold articles so you have no idea how well sales are there.  I did have several articles posted there for several months and did not sell one of them.  Eventually I took them off.  But just because I never sold an article there doesn't mean articles don't sell well there.  I personally have had very good luck with Constant-Content and have sold many articles there, so to me there is no comparison between CC and Daily Article.

That being said - I have spoken to a couple of writers for Daily Article who claim to have many sales there.  It is also hard for me to believe that so many writers would be using the site if they weren't selling at least something there.  So there must be money in writing for Daily Article or else it wouldn't still be in operation.

I haven't read any complaints about Daily Article so between that and my own experience I do believe they are an honest site and may be a good place to sell your work.  We all have different ideas about where we like to sell our writing, so for some of you, Daily Article may be exactly the writing site you are looking for.

I would love to hear from anyone who writes for Daily Article and their take on the site. 

Happy writing,
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  1. I have never heard of Daily Article. I am so glad you provide us with so much information about writing sites, as I love to write and it is definitely better if I can make something in the process. :-)

  2. I've never heard of them before, but you did a fantastic review of them.

  3. Great article. i have heard that many people move to DailyArticle after reading about so much criticism about Constant Content on the web. I have just submitted an article on DailyArticle after starting on AC (http://www.associatedcontent.com/maxpall) and Bukisa (http://www.bukisa.com/articles/196716_the-very-best-of-barack-obama)

  4. Looks like Daily Article might be a rip off if they do not let you see the sales you have made.I stay away from such sites.Also,how would you know that you never sold an article when they do not allow you to see the sales? This is common sense.

  5. Hi Derrick,
    Thanks for visiting. I'm not sure if Daily Article is a rip off or not. I know of some people who do earn money there, so it works for them. Personally, I have never sold an article there. I just think that their site isn't as advanced as Constant-Content's, but that doesn't mean they are not legit.

  6. Hi. I used to write for Daily Article. I use past tense because I no longer do so. The reason being because the owner, Shanda Harper, wouldn't pay me. I want to post this as a warning to all writers not to submit work to this website. We work too hard as writers to be ripped off for our work. However, if you submit and sell work through Daily article, that's exactly what will happen.

    I began writing for Shanda in early 2009 and sold my first article in April. At first, she paid me in a timely manner. But this eventually changed.

    Something just guided me to check my account on this website late last year, and to my surprise, I had sold five articles . . . without being paid. I was livid! I tried to give her the benefit of a doubt since she had paid me before. I contacted Shanda . . . several times. I basically had to hunt her down via the internet in order to get paid. I figure this wouldn't happen again. Boy, was I wrong!

    In May, 2010, I sold two more articles. She only paid me for one. I told her about this error. She told me lies instead. She told me timing was the problem in me not being paid. She further stated she would correct the error by noon. Days past, no word from Shanda. I contacted her again. And she lied again. This time she claimed she's aware of the problem and technical must correct it. She said I had to wait until the other batch of payments go out. This is a lie because she pays upon immediate sale . . . whenever she pays you.

    In other words, she ripped me off.
    The amount was small, but for me, it's the principle of the matter. The fact that I earned the money by selling work, and trusting her to pay me for my sale . . . that just hurts when you're backstabbed over this. Therefore, I wrote her a letter stating that I would no longer write for her website. I even told her how morally wrong she was for beating me out of money . . . money I rightfully earned.

    I'm not trying to slander Shanda's name on this site, but being a writer, I know how passionate we can be about our work, as well as how every penny of it that we sell counts. So please, fellow writers, I warn you, if you don't want to be ripped off, stay away from Daily Article. This woman will surely rip you off in the end . . . just like she did me.

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience with Daily Article. I appreciate hearing opinions (good or bad) of any of the sites I review. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with DA.

  8. After I exposing Daily Article on this blog, I received my payment the next day. Although I'm glad to receive this payment, I still felt this matter wasn't handled well. I felt like I wasn't give much information throughout this situation.

    Given this, I still feel it's best for me to cut all ties with Daily Article. I'm not bitter, and I wish Shanda Harper the best of luck with her business. I hope for her sake her business habits improve.

    My best advice to any writer interested in writing for Daily Article is this: monitor your account carefully to know what articles sell.

  9. I know I am a few months late, but I just wanted to add my .02 for writers who stumble upon this blog post.

    To clarify earlier comments, you can see when your own articles sell. The site just doesn't have the same feature as CC which allows you to get a feel for the sites buying trend.

    I started listing articles on Daily Article back when the site launched. I sold nearly everything I posted only because I took the time to do outside advertising.

    In short, I would have been better off selling the articles myself since that way I wouldn't have had to give Daily Article a cut.

    Also, I experienced the same issue as the previous poster with pay. I logged in one day to check my sales, and found out I was not paid for one of my articles (this was about a year ago). When I contacted Shanda she did pay me promptly after I brought up the issue.

    I personally prefer Constant Content to Daily Article. Yes, Daily Article does not have the same review requirements as Constant Content, but Daily Article does not have the same features. If Shanda would work harder to promote the site, upgrade the features, and stay on top of her communication with writers Daily Article would be a much better site.

  10. Hi - It's never too late to post a comment here. Thanks for sharing your experience - it helps others when deciding on whether to try a site or not.

  11. Thanks for the honest reviews of Daily Article.

    I just signed up for this site and made my first submission. I couldn't really find anywhere that mentions how long after submission I can expect to see my article available to buyers.

    That's one thing so far I've been not-so-much liking of this site. It doesn't give the authors much guidance, or information about what to expect sales-wise. There are no writers guidelines from what I can tell (other than the articles needing to be completely original content), so I'm having a hard time knowing what is expected.

    I have written for Constant Content in the past, so I've become familiar with their requirements, and submission process and so forth, which tells the author exactly what is expected of them. It's a little unnerving to me to be "shooting in the dark" so to speak and hoping to get it right at Daily Article.

    I know Daily Article did mention that "it is also the place for junior writers to get their start". This takes a weight off my shoulders, because the very strict Constant Content rules always make me fear submitting, because they hold the threat of rejection very seriously, which can lead to account suspension.

    With the high level of stress I feel at Constant Content, I was looking for a less stressful outlet to promote my writing, and I hope that I've found that place at Daily Article. I'll just have to see how it goes, but hopefully things will work out.

    Will keep you posted :)

  12. As a minor update, I did find information about the pay rate in my profile.

    "Writer Pay Rate: 65.00%"

    This leaves me somewhat discouraged, because everything I'd read around the review websites stated their writer's cut was 80%, but I take it this has since changed? It seems hardly worth it to sell articles there with the lower prices, if they are going to have the same 65% pay rate as Constant Content.

  13. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Daily Article and updating us on the pay rate change. When I reviewed this site, the pay cut was 80/20 - now it sounds like it changed.

    Unless you've had a series of articles rejected at Constant-Content, I wouldn't be afraid of your account being suspended. If I were you, I'd continue to submit articles to CC. If your errors are minor, they let you fix them and re-submit. CC only suspends accounts of writers who have no writing ability at all and are unable to make the appropriate changes. Some people think CC's rules are harsh, but they have always been fair to me. Good luck. :)

  14. Update: I did check my Daily Article account and found that the pay rate was still 80% for writers. Maybe old accounts still have the higher rate and newer accounts have the lower rate? Not sure, but it's good to know so people can check when they apply there.


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