Friday, September 4, 2009

Adding Variety to the Writing Work Day

Hi all,

Do you ever get bored with what you are writing about? Even if you choose your own topics to write about, like for Suite101, Constant-Content or eHow, sometimes writing the article can be boring. Don't get me wrong, I love to write. I would, and have, done it for free just to put words to paper. But I find if I write in the same format, such as with eHow, for too long, I get bored and need to change it up a bit. After a month of writing eHow and Suite101 articles, I decided I needed a break and wrote two articles for Demand Studios and one for Constant-Content. It was refreshing to write in a different format and to actually see payment right away for my work. I am all for building up residual income, that is my goal, but once and a while it is nice to see the money!

Changing it Up

Last month my goal was to place as many articles on eHow as possible. Then, half-way through the month I had the urge to add articles to Suite101 and concentrated on that. After that, I got bored and lost my focus on residual income. I've found, with writing, I need to change things up a bit to keep myself interested in the topics I write about. By choosing two articles from the list at Demand Studios, and actually having a deadline, I was able to recharge my writing batteries a little. I have also decided that I need to readjust my goals. While I will continue to place articles on my residual income sites, I've decided I need to also work at placing articles on Constant-Content and write for Demand Studios too. This way, while building up my residual income, I will also be earning income, which helps to give me that little boost I need.

New Goals

My new goals for September and October are to write two articles per week for Demand Studios, (which will earn $120 a month, not bad for a couple hours a week), one to two articles a week for Suite101 and 5+ articles a week for eHow. I also plan to add at least one original article each week on Constant-Content. That's roughly 10 articles a week total, two articles a day since I don't generally get any writing done on the weekend. Not too strenuous a schedule but still earning money along the way.

How about you? What are your writing goals this month and what do you hope to accomplish?

Happy writing,

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  1. I try to publish an article a week at ehow and Triond then at least 3 on one blog and 1 each on the other 2. Sometimes I get side lined, like last week end my computer went down. The grands can get demanding too. lol I haven't written at Bukisa in more than a month or Textbroker either. I love writing and would write for nothing, but I sure can use the money. My regular 9 - 5 has some long days & low pay.

  2. Hi DeAnna... I thought I should stop by and say hi since we are following each others blogs. This one inspired me to set up the Passive Income one... thanks. I have been enjoying reading your articles, very good and well written...

  3. Hi David and Judy,
    I'm glad my blog can be of some help. Thanks for the nice comments.

    Judy - You sound very busy! You do a lot of writing considering you work full time and are busy with grandchildren. Good for you!

  4. Oh WOW, this is so clever - you have the most gorgeous site here and I had to stop by to leave this comment for you – and to say hello of course ! Your posts are creative and original and you have interesting pictures. It's all perfect ! Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes....

  5. I think it is important to avoid burnout and we each need to find what works. I've found researching links for my education blog helps me move away from the writers block that emerges when I do too much "controlled" writing.

  6. Thanks for your comment, Bailey. I have also found that when I just play around the Internet I find new and interesting topics to write about. Sometimes you need to just play a little before you get down to work!

  7. Hi DeAnna,
    I sometimes do get tired of writing in the same format, especially, since I do try and get an article a day up at Suite and now at UTH.. However, since I don;t have DS and eHow as options, being in India, I guess I just spend time blogging.. That lets me unwind and catch a break too.. Doesn't bring in the money, but love it!


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