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Writing Site FireHow Review

Hi all,

If you are looking for another potential income earning site for your articles, you may want to take a look at FireHow. FireHow is a revenue share site that is much like a carbon copy of eHow, only it hasn't quite matured yet. Starting up in November 2008, there hasn't been too much time for this site to grow up, but it is beginning to build, even as I write this. The word is getting out and members are joining quickly, so if you are interested in belonging to a site before it gets too big, now is the time to join FireHow. I did join FireHow today and placed some articles there so I could tell you first hand what the site is like. You can click here to see my page.

Articles on FireHow

Articles on FireHow are almost exactly the same as on eHow. They are "How to" articles that have a beginning paragraph introducing the article and then steps explaining how to do what the article is about. Tips and Warnings are also expected to be added at the bottom. They do not require a Resource at the end of the article, but you can add a picture. I will explain more on how articles are posted later in this post.

You do retain all rights to your articles when you post them on FireHow. So, if you want to post articles you have already written for eHow onto FireHow too, you can do that since you own all rights to your articles on eHow too. For some writers, this is a way to have their articles work harder for them. Some may argue that this will mess up the whole Google listings, rankings, etc, by having your the same article on two different sites, but other people do it all the time and make good money that way. How you feel about it is up to you.

Joining FireHow

Joining FireHow is a simple matter of creating an account, username and password. They do ask for your Social Security Number in order to pay you and send you a 1099 at the end of the year. Giving out a SSN can make some people hesitate, however eHow also requires your SSN as does Demand Studios. This is a trend that you will see continue in order to keep us all honest in paying our taxes. After reading up on FireHow and finding stats at Quantcast and Website Outlook about their company, I felt they were legitimate enough to join. You can always join without giving your SSN at first just to see what you think, however you cannot earn money there until you give them your SSN. FireHow pays you monthly via PayPal once you have earned a minimum of $10.00 for the month.

One benefit to joining now that I did find out is if you join FireHow during 2009, you will receive 110 percent of the revenue your articles earn for the first 6 months of membership. While I haven't found this stated on the site, it was stated in a press release sent out by FireHow that you can read here.

Once you have joined, you can navigate around the site and add your profile and begin writing articles. Navigating around FireHow can be difficult, especially if you are used to the ease of eHow. You really have to dig around to find out how to do simple things like add a profile and add articles. If you look under the Write tab, you will find directions on how to write an article properly for their site. If you actually want to write an article, you have to look under the My Articles tab and up on top is a small link that says "New" that you click on to add another article. You can click on FAQ's at the bottom of the page for some site information, but you won't learn everything. I just played around with the site and figured out what I needed to do on my own.

Posting an Article on FireHow

Posting an article on FireHow is nothing like posting one on eHow. There is one large text box that you can either write in directly or paste your article in. There are no separate sections for the beginning paragraph and each step. There are no separate sections for Tips and Warnings. You have to write the article yourself with Step 1:, Step 2: and so forth. At the bottom of your article you will have to add the headings Tips and Warnings yourself. Even though FireHow doesn't have this all mapped out for you, they do require you add Tips and Warnings to your articles.

I always write up my articles (for every site I write for) in MS Word first and then cut and paste them into whatever text boxes the sites have. This allows me to keep a record of every article I have ever posted on every site in case an article disappears or is deleted by accident. I suggest this would be the easiest way to format your articles for FireHow so you can just paste it in its entirety into the text box and get it over with in one big swoop. One problem I did find with their text box is that the Bold doesn't work, at least I couldn't get it to. You can add links to your articles, so any resource information you do have can be placed in your article as a link. This is also a good place to add links to your other articles of the same subject, or your blog or website.

A photo can also be added to your post. This can be a little tricky, too. First you have to upload the photo to the box. Then you click on the photo and then you can add a description or caption to the photo and hit Insert. I have not found a way to add more than one photo, so if you have, let me know. You can preview your article before publishing it, and once you have published it you can always edit it or delete it.

Revenue Potential

Like eHow, FireHow doesn't exactly explain how you earn revenue except that you earn by click views, popularity of the article and the comments you receive. To give you a limited idea on earnings at FireHow, I joined this afternoon and added two articles. By this evening I had received 267 hits and earned .45 cents. That is roughly an earnings of $1.70 per thousand clicks. This could vary depending upon the article's topic. Considering this site is only ranked a 4 on Google, I didn't think the earnings were too bad. There is potential for making a significant extra income at FireHow if you can post a good collection of articles. Your article views and earnings are updated in real time. You can click the Earnings link in your profile to see how much you have earned.

My overall opinion of FireHow is that it is a fairly good start-up site that has potential for writers to earn a good return on their articles as long as they keep adding new ones to the collection. It pays a little more than a beginner earns at Associated Content (without the up-front option) and about the same as you would earn at Triond. If you are thinking of adding your eHow articles to FireHow also, I would suggest starting by adding articles that are older or are not receiving high views at eHow. It is sometimes amazing how at one site an article flops but at another the same article does well. You may just be able to breath new life, and earn extra money, into an old article by placing it at FireHow.

Let me know your thoughts about FireHow. Leave a comment. :)

Happy writing,
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  1. Hi DeAnna, thanks for the info!

  2. Great post! I think you have anothe follower..

  3. Thanks once again for the info! I just started writing for Examiner -see my blog for details!
    Oh and I wanted to let you know that you have a blog award on my blog-Come pick it up! :)

  4. This was a huge help to me. I signed up at Firehow but haven't had a chance to fully investigate and analyze the inner workings of the site. Thanks for doing it for me! Now I know what to expect when I start posting articles. Great info!!

  5. I just signed up on firehow today and was wondering if I could put my ehow articles there too. You have helped me so much! thanks!

  6. Hi Mandy,
    Yes, FireHow does accept already published articles and since you own all rights to your eHow articles, you can publish them on FireHow. There are a lot of eHow writers who also publish the same articles on FireHow. I placed a few of mine on FireHow too. Good luck.

  7. Great info! You answered all my questions I had about Firehow! I have been signed up for a long time, but had not used it submitted any articles yet. Now I feel more confident about submitting articles there! Once again, you have an outstanding blog! My new Genealogy Blog about the BERRY and ROGERS Family TREE

  8. Hello Deanna,

    I recently joined firehow after reading your review. I will give you an update if and when they pay me.

    Very Respectfully


  9. Hi Elwar,

    I hope FireHow works out for you. Some people do very well there. I no longer submit articles and only have about 19 articles there and have only earned a little over $7 in two years. That's not to say that if I had 100 articles there I wouldn't do much better. Good luck.

  10. Hi Deana,

    I just joine myself and this will be the very first try at writing ariticles anywhere. I do have a problem pics dont show. When i enter it on the draft copy and then check on preview, all I see is an x. Why? Thanks for any help u can provide!

  11. Hi,

    I haven't published at FireHow for quite some time so I'm not sure what is wrong with the photo display. When I did publish, I usually uploaded the photo from the Insert Photo within the textbox, not the one below it. But I do remember having some troubles even then. If I were you, I'd contact support at FireHow and ask them. Good luck.


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