Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tips on Writing for eHow and Other Residual Income Sites

Hello all,

Happy August 1st. Summer is going by quickly (as always) as I continue my new goal of building residual income at eHow, Suite101, Triond and also submitting articles to Constant Content. While CC and Triond are sites I've been on for awhile, eHow and Suite101 are fairly new to me. So now that I have been on both for over two months I have a grasp of how much money I can make.

I cannot complain about payment at eHow. I made a little under $20.00 for the 7 June articles plus the 3 July ones that did show payment. That is roughly $2.00 per article in residual income. Now, I realize I can go to CC and earn $20+ per article, if I write one that is in demand and it sells, or I can go to Demand Studios and earn $15.00 per article up-front. But I will continue to earn money from my eHow articles for several months, or years, so I am betting on that bringing in more income in the long run. I think I have a good start at eHow and am looking forward to what my July articles bring in next month.

If you are writing for eHow or any residual site, I have found some things that help to bring in views to articles. Many residual sites are also community sites where people are sharing ideas with one another and also trying to promote their own blogs, websites or writing. This is good, because it gives you an audience that is willing to read your work and visit your blog or website too. Some ways to build your residual income are:

  1. Make friends on residual sites. Recommend them, leave comments and rate their articles. Be nice, though. You are not their editor, you are their friend. I've found that most writers on residual income sites are more than happy to return the favor of reading your work too.
  2. Read your friend's profiles, and visit their blogs or websites when you have the time. It only takes a few minutes to click on over to their blog and leave a comment. In most cases, they will do the same for you. It's always nice to have new members on your blog.
  3. When friend requests come your way, be sure to pop on over to their work and make a few comments. This is your opportunity to get more views and comments too.
  4. Recommend interesting articles you read on your own blog. If you come upon an article that you think your readers will enjoy, put a link on your blog. It's nice for all of us to help each other.
  5. Don't forget older friendships. I try to go through my friends at ehow and read and rate a few articles each day along with making new friends. You can spend 5 minutes a day and read the reward of many more views on your work.

I also like to look over articles by people who have been on eHow for a long time and who are doing well in the earning area. This gives me ideas on how to improve my earning potential by seeing what topics earn the most for them. Always be open to learning new strategies.

Lastly, type into Google or Yahoo "eHow reviews" or "earning on eHow" to read other bloggers tips and ideas on how to be successful eHow writers. You can do this for any residual site. I've learn a lot from forums and bloggers and am always willing to learn more.

Good luck with your residual income. I would love to hear how all of you are doing in your quest to earn money writing.

Happy writing,

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  1. Hi DeAnna -- there's another blogger, Megan, the Weightloss Mom, who also is writing about her success on certain sites. She also adds adsense advertising to her ehow articles.

    I don't necessarily understand it, but you might want to check her out also at:

    Hope things keep going well!


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