Monday, August 24, 2009

How Does eHow Figure Revenue?? and Suite101 Update

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Recently I've been asked this question by several people at both my blog and at eHow, "How does eHow figure revenue?". This is a wonderful question that so many people want the answer to but no one but eHow knows the answer for sure. Let's start with eHow's own answer. Under the Writer's Compensation Program's Terms it reads:

o Popularity of the article;
o Number and quality of inbound links to the article;
o Topicality and newsworthiness of the article content;
o Usefulness and applicability of the article content;
o User response to your articles, such as positive reviews and comments;
o Degree of specialization of the article content; and
o Quality of the writing.

Under eHow's FAQ'S it reads:

You get paid per article. Your article's earning potential can be based on a combination of several elements, including the amount of times it's been viewed and its category. The more useful your articles are to the reader, the more money you could make. Check out our tips and guidelines, like adding photos, and eHow's most-requested topics page for How To ideas.

So your guess is as good as mine.

From what I read, though, the most popular view on how eHow pays has to do with revenue share. The more popular your article's topic is with advertisers, the more eHow gets paid to place ads on your article page and the more money eHow shares with you. Of course, views also play into this because the more views of an ad, the more money eHow makes that then trickles down to you. So a knowledge of popular keywords plays an important factor in how much your articles make.

Since popular keywords come and go much like hair styles and clothing styles, you will want to keep up with the popularity of keywords by checking a tool such as the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool will give you some idea on what keywords are worth.

Personally, I write articles on subjects that catch my interest more than for keywords. I like researching health articles, so I write them. I enjoy writing about writing, so I write those articles too. I have had articles at eHow receive 200 views and earn no money, while other articles earn .01 cent to .015 cent per view. My most popular article has earned $9.00 this month alone while some are still at 0.00. I would never have guessed that the highest earning article would have been so popular, so you really never know what will spike the public's interest.

I do know that at eHow I do have the potential to earn good residual income so it is worth the time and effort I put into it. I'm working toward that 100th article in the hope I will be on my way to earning money even when I don't have time to write every day.

In my search for answers to the above posted question, I came upon three interesting blogs about eHow that I want to share with you. I do not earn any residual income from sharing these blogs - I just thought you might find them interesting. :)

"Writing for eHow" by HSSchulte at Squidoo

"My Experiment into eHow Part 6" by Josh of The Brainy Money Blog

Update on Suite101

After reading how well Felicia from No Job for Mom is doing with her articles at Suite101, it sort of gave me a kick in the pants to get over my distaste for writing in the third person and writing a few more articles for my Suite101 account. Hearing that a writer from Suite101 earned $5000.00, (yes, that is five-thousand dollars) last month alone at Suite101 from her residuals helped to encourage me, too. I followed some of the successful writer's advice about writing several articles on the same subject and linking them, and placed several back-to-school articles on the site. After writing in the third person for awhile, it stopped bothering me and I actually enjoyed the change of pace from writing "How to" articles. My earnings are rising, not fast, but steady, and I hope to place at least 1-2 articles a week (on average) there to build my residual income. If you don't already write for Suite101, check it out and give it a try. You can read my Review on Suite101 if you want to learn more about the site.

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Happy writing


(Okay, the photo has nothing to do with this post, I agree, but I just love Aussie puppies, especially since my dog is an Aussie!)


  1. Thanks for the helpful info and links on eHow earnings.

    I, too, have started to increase my Suite 101 writing. Wouldn't it be grand if we all reached that $5000/mo mark?!

  2. I'll have to check into Suite 101. As for eHow they do pay well, but are getting extremely picky about what content they will accept.

  3. Wow!! This is a really great article, and I'm not just saying that!! I printed it out for a reference. Sometimes it just gets old looking at the screen all the time! I'm going to reread more of your articles!! : ) Jen

  4. it's great to be back here. havent reached the article requirement in three months for Suite; was busy with another project the whole time. but will get back to it since my account is still open. i love Suite, too. i can see the ptential in the long run :)


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