Monday, July 20, 2009

Writing with Passion!

Hi all,

Writers write because they love working with words. They love sharing information, or stories or beautiful poetry. As writers, we also love getting paid for our work, but writing isn't always about a paycheck. It's about writing what you are passionate about, writing something that will inspire, move, or inform the reader, making your talent of writing a way of communicating with others.

I like writing about subjects that interest me, intrigue me or that I want to learn more about. I like researching interesting subjects and then sharing this research with others in the form of an article. Getting to the core of a problem and helping others by sharing solutions. When I write articles, I prefer writing about subjects that intrigue me, not just subjects that may be SEO popular and will get the most clicks. I don't want someone handing me an assignment asking for 10 - 300 word articles with the word "pension" in them for $10 each. There is nothing wrong with someone writing these articles to earn money, I just don't want to be the one to do it. When writing is no longer my passion, I don't want to do it anymore.

This is why I choose to write for sites that do not limit what I write. With Constant-Content I can write about subjects that I find interesting and think might interest others, set my own price and, hopefully, sell it. At Suite101 I am also free to choose my topics just as I am at eHow and Associated Content. At Demand Studios I am a bit limited, but I usually scroll through the list of articles they want and pick subjects I find interesting to write about.

There is no greater pleasure than writing an article and receiving an e-mail or comment from someone who thanks you for helping them find information on a subject they needed help with. On Suite101 I had written two articles on the detection and treatment of Scoliosis and they did receive a great many clicks, but I also received a message from a family in China asking me for resources on this subject as their teen was struggling with it. Being able to help this family with this subject made me feel good because I know what it is like to deal with this with a family member. The same has been true of my article on Encouraging Boys to Read at eHow. I have had many positive responses and e-mails about this article, and that makes me feel good about having written it.

I think that people can tell when you are writing about a subject you are passionate about even if you are trying to be objective. The old saying is true - write what you know. That doesn't mean that you should limit your writing to only what you know, but also write what inspires you. Keep learning about subjects that you are interested in and turn that into a great article. Being paid for your writing is great - knowing you are helping others through your articles is even better.

Keep up the passion,


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  1. I agree - there's a magical thing about words. But not when you have to fit in words like pension.


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