Thursday, July 2, 2009

Update on eHow and Demand Studios

Hi all,

eHow Update

Now that I have been writing for eHow for one month, I thought I'd update you on what I think of this site. I was only able to submit 6 articles on eHow but I am pleased with the residuals so far for so few articles. I earned as much this month with only 6 articles on eHow as I did with 77 articles over at Associated Content. As far as I can see, eHow is a really good residual site where the potential to earn money is unlimited. One blogger (click to view her site) I know earned $177.00 in June in residual income with 140 articles on eHow. Now, you may think that initially this adds up to only a little over one dollar an article, but remember, she earned money on these articles every month for the past 6 months and will continue to receive residual income on these articles. As someone who has been writing for paying sites for years, I am impressed by eHow's residual income.
(The picture has nothing to do with the post - I just like it. It is one I took of one of my favorite places to visit: Multnomah Falls, outside of Portland, Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge area.)

My goal this month is to produce at least 10-15 new articles for eHow and continue to do this in the months ahead. My overall goal is to earn enough residual income from eHow and Suite101 so that I can spend a few months completing my novel this fall/winter. We'll see....

I do have some tips for those of you thinking about writing for eHow or who are writing for eHow and haven't had much success. First of all, I've found it is better to spend the time writing a well-thought out article full of interesting information instead of just writing quick articles and tossing them on the site. You will make a better return on your residual income with only a few well-written articles compared to many so-so articles. Find a topic that is interesting and has longevity. Example: An article on Lyme Disease will be searched by people every summer as compared to an article on a bill the senate is passing today. Do your research, fill in all the boxes, have at least 5 steps in your article, use at least 2-4 pictures (yes, I know it is difficult to find pics sometimes), fill in the tips and warnings section whenever possible and fill in the Resource section. Doing a thorough job of writing your articles gives a professional appearance. Informative, well-written articles will be read for years as opposed to ones that are just slapped together quickly.

In the forums at eHow, I've read that the site has been going through and cleaning out old articles that no longer follow the correct format. That means they are getting rid of the sloppy articles to help upgrade the site to make it more professional. This is another reason you will want to do a good job on your articles. Also, articles that are very professional and useful will be chosen for the home page, meaning you will receive many more page views. If you enjoy writing for sites that pay residual income, I think you will be happy with eHow.

Demand Studios Update

For those of you who don't know, the company that owns eHow and many other sites around the Internet also owns Demand Studios. I've explained a little about Demand Studios in an earlier blog, so scroll down if you want to learn more about Demand Studios. Demand Studios pays writers to write articles for their sites, including eHow. The general price they pay for a 400-500 word article is $15.00. They have a selection of titles to choose from, give you the format that they want and you write the articles. June was the first month I've written for them, and I produced 6 articles for them earning $75.00. While they have many different formats to choose from, I did 3 in their About format and 3 in their How To format. I found that the How To format was the quicker of the two to write, making the earnings more profitable. Of course, this How To format is exactly what they use for eHow, so I was able to get a better perspective on how a proper eHow article should be written. I enjoyed writing for Demand Studios and I think anyone with writing experience would also like it there.

Now, you may wonder why I would write for eHow for residual income when I could just write for Demand Studios and earn up-front money instead. The reason is that while I enjoy writing for Demand Studios to earn a little extra money, I also enjoy coming up with my own topics and writing on subjects that interest me. I can't always do that with assigned articles. So I like to do a little writing here, a little there and so on. I also place articles on Constant-Content when I find a subject I think might be interesting to customers and I also write for Suite101 which is a residual income site. Maybe I'm ADHD, who knows, but I like doing my own thing and earning extra money on the side. You just have to find the method that works best for you.

I hope this information helps you with your writing endeavours. I will continue my series on novel writing in my next post.

Happy writing,



  1. always grateful for your support to other writers. will link you up in my writing journal :)

    ive always wanted to write for demand studios eversince! but they dont open opps for Filipino writers... too bad..

  2. I also find the How-to format easier and faster when writing for Demand Studios. I used to write the "About" format exclusively, but found that I could get more done when writing in the How-to style. Plus, it really helps prepare you for writing quality eHow articles, which increases your residual income on the site. Win-win!

  3. As a fellow Mom Bloggers Club member, I'm following via the Follow Me Club list. =) I have also followed your twitter.

    Maricel --- Momhood Moments

    I'm currently building my blogroll too. Care for a link exchange?

  4. What great info. I'm going to look into this. Thanks!

  5. Don't forget that Demand Studios now offers articles in the Revenue Sharing format as well. So you can choose $15 flat fee articles or no up front $ residual articles. The plus on this (for me) is that you can link to one user name in your portfolio...


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