Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Up-Front Pay Writing Sites/Constant-Content Update

Hi all,

I am going to cheat a little here and direct you to Willow's site The Freelance Home Writer so you can read about many of the up-front pay writing sites. I'm sure she won't mind the clicks on her site. I have reviewed several writing sites here at Write Moms, but I don't always have time to review of them. She has already done the work, so you may as well enjoy reading her reveiws of them. Her reviews may be able to help you find writing jobs that you didn't know existed or were wary of. Hope this link helps you in your writing pursuits.
(The picture is of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan. (Copyright DeAnna Sletten) Some of you may remember it as the hotel in the movie "Somewhere in Time". I love visiting this island and going back in time!)

I have been busy working on my own writing and trying to build up my eHow articles as well as my Constant-Content articles. I will try to continue my novel writing series this week or next, depending upon how nice the weather is. We've had extremely beautiful weather the past two weeks and I have to enjoy it while it is here. I have all winter (6+ months of it) to sit inside. :)

Speaking of Constant-Content, I have already raved about this site for writers in a past post but just want to let you know that they are experiencing an influx of article requests right now so there is plenty of work available. Of course, at CC you can also write your own articles and place them there to sell, but if you like to fulfil requests, now is the time to join CC. Be sure to carefully read their Writer's Guidelines and Terms of Service before joining. CC is a very legitimate site and I trust them completely to always pay what is owed you, but sometimes people don't read all the fine print and get confused. Don't be one of those people - know what you are getting into and how the site works.

Thanks to all who have posted comments and who are following this blog. I hope it has been helpful and informative so far.

Happy writing,



  1. thank you for sharing again such info, deanna! would check them out for sure.

    ey, would love to c u over this post

    thanks! :)

  2. I am excited I found your blog! I found you through Michele at The Professional Family Manager's blog. I too live in MN and am trying very hard to leave the 9-5 rat race and work from home. Writing is one of the things I do and I too write for eHow. My biggest hurdle right now is lack of time. But little by little, I'm moving forward!

  3. Great Blog Deanna - I'm speaking at a conference for women writers in a few weeks and I'm going to refer to your blog in my resource sheet. Very useful info!


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