Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Helping to Encourage Boys to Read

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I just published an article on eHow that might interest many of you mothers. It gives tips and ideas on how to encourage boys to read. Boys are continually being shortchanged in our schools with reading because they generally learn language and reading skills at a different pace than girls. Yet, our schools do not acknowledge this and continue to pressure children to learn to read very early. Knowing that boys may take a little longer to appreciate reading may help us as parents to continue to encourage them without stressing them. Here is the link to this article: How to Encourage Boys to Read. Be sure to click out the resource links at the end of the article for more information too.

This subject is close to my heart because we experienced this with my son years ago in grade school. Even though he was already reading and loved reading before even starting school, as the years went on he became frustrated with how they were teaching reading and began to lag. Before I knew it, he was having trouble keeping up with his level of reading. Because he felt he must be stupid and that was why he couldn't read well, he just gave up. The teachers he had just brushed my worries aside saying that boys didn't like to read anyway. This response just floored me. So, after working with him myself for a couple of years I was able to bring up his reading scores and he became a straight "A" student through high school. Yet, even today, he still doesn't read for enjoyment, which I think is a shame, but he can read and that is the most important thing.

Our schools have to recognize students as individuals who function on their own time clock. Since it is a known fact that boys take longer than girls to develop language and reading skills, it is unacceptable that schools don't recognize this. It may not be cost-efficient to teach children in different styles and levels, but it would make for more successful students.

Okay, I will get off my soapbox. Since this is a writing blog, I felt this subject might be of interest to the mothers who visit. Another website you may want to visit to learn more about this subject is Getting Boys to Read.

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