Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Demand Studios Update

Hi all,

I know I owe you the next installment of the novel writing series and I promise to have that done by the end of this week. I am writing about the "Plot" for the next installment and then I will go on to Characters. Be sure to check back soon.

I wanted to update you on how I'm doing at Demand Studios. I submitted two articles last week for pay and one I have yet to hear about, but the other was sent back to me for a small rewrite. As soon as I finished the rewrite, the article was purchased. So now I have money in my account and I will see if it is placed in my Pay Pal account on Friday, the day writers are supposed to be paid. I picked up two more articles to write and finish by the end of the week. So far I have a good feeling about this site. I think it is a good site to make a few extra dollars and choose topics to write about what interests you.

I also see that Demand Studios is in need of copy editors, so if you have some experience, or are a writer with experience, you might want to check this out. They pay $2.50 per article that you approve and you can chose how little or how much you want to work. I am thinking of this as a sideline, but first I want to get the hang of the formats that they use for articles before thinking I'm an expert. :)

I hope all the information on the various writing sites has helped some of you find work writing. I will continue to seach the web and see what there is for you, as well as continue my series on novel writing. So much to do...so little time!

Happy writing,

P.S. The picture is the crabapple tree in my front yard. I love when the pink flowers bloom! I planted this tree years ago when it was nothing but a stick, and now look at it. It grew up, just like my children! :)


  1. Wow, I'd LOVE to have a tree like that in my front yard! Such a pretty pic!

  2. hey great to hear that! congrats! i once tried to apply at demand studios, but sadly, they dont accept non-US applicants, unless you have some legal docs to work for a US company...

    will be checkin your articles :)

  3. Thanks for the follow. I'm following your blog now, too.

  4. Hi! I'm following you through MBC followers club now!

  5. Hi! Congrats on your success with DS. They are a wonderful place to write! They always pay on time and have a plethora of work avaialble. In fact, it's more prosperous there now than it's ever been. I've been with them for quite a while and I LOVE it.

    Also, for Copy Editors they require five years of relevant experience in the Copy Editing field, and they're extremely selective on whom they hire.

    Nice to stumble upon your blog! Cheers!


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