Thursday, June 4, 2009

Demand Studios Update

Hi all,

Before I continue my series on Novel Writing I wanted to update you about Demand Studios. I just finished writing and submitting my first article to them and am now awaiting the editor to review it. Cross your fingers - I hope he doesn't find too many errors! Demand Studios have a very exact format they expect for their articles and it is different from other sites I am currently writing for. It can become very confusing when you are writing for several different sites. At Constant-Content I am free to write about whatever subject I like and use any style I wish as long as it adheres to the rules of grammar. Some people find the editor there to be difficult to get through, but I rarely have a problem unless I have made a small mistake or didn't proofread enough. At Associated Content the rules are very lax and almost anything can be published. Suite101 has a stringent format and they do not want the writer to write to using the words "you" or "your", which I find difficult at times when I am writing directly to the reader. Demand Studios, however wants a professional article but written to the audience, so I can use "you" and "your". Sometimes it gets very confusing!

I am looking forward to seeing what happens with my first article at Demand Studios and will update you on what happens. So far I do like that they direct you in detail as to what they want and how they want it written. It helps make writing for them simpler in a way, because you know what is expected of you. They seem like a very professional site, so far.

If any of you write for Demand Studios, I would enjoy hearing your comments. Many times people are afraid of trying a new site in case the place is not legitimate. It helps to hear from those who have had experience with the site.
P.S. I chose the waterfall picture, not because it is relevant but because I thought it was beautiful and I love tranquility in my life. :)

Happy writing,



  1. Good-luck and what a great waterfall picture!

  2. Good luck with them...I never heard of demand studios.


  3. Hi DeAnna! I haven't had any experience with any of these places - except as a reader! I keep my fingers crossed for you! :-)

    Stopping by from MBC/Follow Me Club. I'm following now!

  4. Hello,
    Visiting from MBC. I took your button with me..have a great weekend!


  5. Me again, hello to you.

    I am following your blog for a few selfish reasons. I really need the confidence to just submit my writing. It's was one thing to begin a blog and have people read it, it seems to be a whole new ball game on actually sending pieces in.? what's that all about??


  6. Hi, I'm following you from the MBC following me club, if you have a chance please follow me as well. Thanks!


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