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Hi all,

I thought I would talk a little about the writing site Although I am no expert, and would love if any Suite101 writers add comments, I have been learning about the site and will tell you what I know so far.

Suite101 is a site where writers who have been accepted can write articles and earn money through the advertising revenue the site makes.  The information on the site does not give exact details about payment until you are accepted as a writer, only that if you have posted several articles on the site then you have the potential of earning good money. The first hurdle, however, is to be accepted as a writer.

Applying to Suite101

Months ago I began an application with Suite101 and then never got back to finishing filling it in so I went there recently, signed in and finished it up. The application process includes choosing three topics that you would like to write about from their list of topics. There were several to choose from, and you need to choose in the order of interest to you.

The next step is to write a short resume about your education, experience and expertise on the subjects you have chosen. They do not want a professional resume, just a quick rundown on your experience as a writer and in the field of interest of the topics you have chosen.

After this you need to paste two articles you have written and/or published that relates to the first topic of interest you chose. This is so the editor can decide if you have the writing talent they need for the site.

The next part of the application is to list websites or media publications where you have been published. It looked as if you could list as many as you wanted to. I listed several on mine.

Once you submit your application, then you wait. The site said that your application will be reviewed within 48 hours and you will be notified if you have been accepted or declined.

Suite101 Terms

If you are accepted as a writer for Suite101, you will then sign a contract stating that you agree to all of their terms. The main terms being:

  1. You agree to publish at least 10 articles every three months.
  2. You will be paid monthly as long as your account has reached $10 or more. Payment from previous months will be held over until you earn $10, so you will not lose money even when you cannot be paid.
  3. You agree to give Suite101 Exclusive Digital Rights to all of the articles you write for them for one year from publication date. After that you are free to publish elsewhere.
There are more terms, but these are the most important.

The first article you write for Suite101 will be reviewed by an editor before publication, and once it is ready will be published. After this, it sounds like you can publish articles without going through an editor first, but they do read the articles and will contact you to give advice on how to make them better if they feel you need to. Understanding SEO writing and keyword placement is very important at this site to generate as much traffic to your articles as possible.

The one thing that was cloudy to me in the explanation was if you have to write only on one topic or if you can write on several topics. On the application it said to choose your topic of choice, but that you wouldn't be locked into this topic later on. But the site looks to me as if you have to write on only one topic. Maybe there are some Suite101 writers out there who can clear this up for me.
This site sounds like it is a good place for both novice and seasoned writers as long as you have a good grasp of grammar and the topic you are writing about. I'd love to hear from any experienced Suite101 writers as to how well the pay is and how they like writing for the site.

As for now, I have submitted my application and will see if they will accept me. Could be a blow to my ego if they do not, but we will see. I love finding new outlets for my writing, but making money is good too! I'll let you all know if I am accepted and how it goes.

Update 8/25/10: Suite101 has changed some of their rules for writing for their site.  They no longer have a minimum amount of articles you have to write in order to keep your writing position there.  They also now allow you to write articles in second person as well as the previous third person.  This will make it easier to write articles, especially in topics such as travel and parenting.  Any other previous rules will stay the same. :)

Update: I was accepted at Suite101 as a contributing writer within 24 hours of my application. Now I have to sign a year's contract with them and go through their tutorial. I will let you know when I actually post an article there. This may be interesting. :)

Update 5/18/09 - I have decided to write for Suite101 for awhile and see how it goes. After reading all of their material after signing the contract, I now see that as a writer for Suite101 you cannot discuss payment as well as other parts of the site or you can be let go. So I will honor my contract and not disclose this information. But, I did find out that as a contributing writer I can write on any subject I wish; I am not locked into one of the topics I put on my application. If I want to try to be an expert on a particular subject, I can limit my topics, but that may not be the best way to earn money. I also really like the format that they want for all articles - it is more like magazine and newspaper format instead of internet style. They want you to use sources and show those sources, which I like to do.
I would suggest that anyone who enjoys writing look into this site further. They seem to have a good writing ethic and I think writing there will pay off in time.

9/22/09 - Update Suite101 - I have been writing for Suite101 for a few months now and it does appear to be a good site to make residual income.  It takes awhile to build up your articles and income, but like any residual income site, after you have a good catalog of articles the money gets better and better.  This would be a good site for anyone with polished writing skills and who likes researching intersting topics.  Last month a Suite101 writer earned $5,000 in residual income for the month.  Persistance at this site does pay off.

Happy writing,


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  1. Hi, I'm visiting form Follow Me Club1. Great blog.

  2. Thanks for the follow. I'm following your blog too!

  3. deAnna, welcome to Suite101! i am a new member-writer for that site. cant say much yet about the pay, but it's a good way to widen my horizons :)

    and hey, thanks for commenting. would love to read your article, too. i'm sure it will be great!

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you something in my blog! Check it out!

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  6. I have self publishing company working with Cherish Bounds so I found your site informative. I am following from MBC.

  7. Hello DeAnna:

    I'm interested in knowing more about the Suite 101 experience, so I'll be checking back often.

    I came across your message at twittermoms today about adding my button to your blog roll. I wanted to let you know that I have update my site and button code, so that it's 125 X 125. Please feel free to come by and grab the new code.

    I've been writing for the examiner, and love it so far. I'm new, though, so will post a link just as soon as I get more articles in.

    Take care,


  8. Suite 101 is a good opportunity for experienced freelancers. As you touched on, one needs to build up a body of inter-linked articles and should know the gen on article promotion.

    Suite also offers a widget that can be installed on blogs to showcase your articles.

  9. Hi DeAnna,
    I came across your blog through the blogroll on kidgas's blog and I LOVE it!! I'm a CW with Suite and have been writing there since May this year. Its been a great journey. I love the editor involvement and have learnt a lot of useful SEO stuff. Plus, the earnings have been very very good. Currently, my $/1000 is close to $6 and I still don't know as much about SEO as I should. So I think its good. Hope you're enjoying your time at Suite too!
    Best wishes and I'd be around more often.

  10. I got half way through the application for Suite 101 myself and have not yet finished. There are so many sites to write for where you can earn residual income it's hard to know which one(s) to devote your time to. Would love to hear your feedback on the subject.


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