Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where Do I Sell My Writing?? Writer's Market is the answer.

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I see this question from newbie writers all the time. Where can I sell my writing? Finding publications to sell your articles to can be time consuming unless you have the definitive book of resources, Writer's Market.

Writer's Market is a resource book that is published yearly and contains over 1000 pages of information on writing and listings of places where you can sell your writing. Almost every magazine imaginable is listed in Writer's Market with information on addresses to mail submissions or queries, writer's guidelines, submission details, type of articles the magazine prints, and much more. Along with information about magazines, Writer's Market also gives the names, addresses and guidelines of book publishers, small press publishers, and also agents. In the front of the book you find helpful advice on how to submit a query letter, and also how to write up a book proposal to send to an agent. There is a lot of helpful tips from authors also to help you learn more about the publishing world.

Writer's Market 2009 is available at for only $19.79. Click the book title to view it at Amazon.

For those who prefer a more techno way to get their information, Writer's Market is available online for a monthly or yearly fee. Cost for Writer's Market for one year is $39.99. Click here to visit their homepage.

Writer's Market is published by Writer's Digest, a magazine all about writing and selling your work. If you are a newbie, you may want to subscribe to the magazine for at least one year to learn as much as you can about the professional writing world. Writer's Digest Magazine costs $19.96 for 8 issues, but it is well worth the price. Click here to read more about this magazine.

I have used Writer's Market for years and is has been very helpful in my writing career. I also learned a lot of information about writing and selling by reading Writer's Digest Magazine. I hope these resources help you in your writing journey.

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