Thursday, May 7, 2009

Freelance Writing Job Sites

Hi all,

I've come across a couple of sites that offer freelance writing job resources and/or writer's guidelines for several magazines of varying interests. Sometimes these sites can be difficult to navigate so you may have to dig a little. I searched through them and found some really good resources for freelance writers. Here are the sites: - This site is basically a clearinghouse of several freelance writing sites around the web such as ODesk, Craigslist, iFreelance, etc. You can check all of their newest listings for freelance writing jobs right here on this one site. Once at their homepage, click the sidebar on the left that says Freelance Writing Jobs and it will take you to a listing of each different site and the current jobs available. This site also has a section for Writer's Guidelines for many different publications. Just click the Writer's Guidelines section on the left sidebar on the homepage. - This site may ask you to register for their weekly e-mail newsletter before letting you check out their magazine resources. It is free to register for their basic list, although you can subscribe to a bigger list if you want. On their free list, this site has many links to magazines looking for freelancers as well as their writer's guidelines. Some of the links are old and don't work well, but you can always go to the online magazine that interests you and find their guidelines there.

I hope these resources help you find freelance writing jobs.

Happy writing,

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