Friday, May 22, 2009

Excuse my Absence & Suite101

Hi all,

I have one week to go and all the cleaning, planning and food prep will be done and graduation (my daughter's) will be over and the relatives will be gone. I will then be able to get back to all of you and start my series on novel writing. Until then, think about the novel you would like to write, the novel you may already have started or the one you are half-way through. Get out your notes and pages and get ready to join me as I also dust off the laptop and resume writing my novel. Maybe we can all finally complete our novels by summer's end.

My first post about novel writing will be on the "idea" for your novel. Be sure to come back and visit after next week and read the first installment.

I have also been working at adding articles to my Suite101 account. I'm starting with easy articles and working my way up while I get the hang of the site. So far I am impressed by the site and how they strive for the best information possible. You can view my articles at:

Happy writing,


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