Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Writing SEO Articles

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Learning to write SEO articles is the best way to bring more traffic to your Mommy blog or a great way to earn extra money writing for other sites. With so many blogs and websites on the Internet vying for attention, there a plenty of opportunities to write and sell SEO articles. And because sites are always in need of new articles, there is an ongoing need for SEO articles. The article below written by guest author John Davis gives the basics on how to write successful SEO article.

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How To Write SEO Articles
By Guest Author John Davis

One of the biggest secrets of the well visited sites is by writing articles. These articles follow a certain format and have a certain topic which they discuss in that website. People searching for a certain thing will find these websites as the search engines are often on the lookout for certain formats of articles. In order to get more viewership on your website, you might want to explore writing articles that will definitely bring many people to view your site and give you more income while doing so. A win-win situation it would become as you would be helping them by giving them needed information while they give you more revenue.

When starting to write articles, always start with the keywords. Keywords are one of the most important parts of search engine optimization (SEO) article writing. Use common words that people often search for everyday. Then write an eye catching phrase. Articles that give out good information and captivate audiences are always encouraged. Also make sure that you use your keywords in your article title. So when someone searches for the keywords you are using, there will be a big chance that they will stumble upon your article. Sensible thoughts should populate the article. The worst kind of article anyone can come across would be the type that just rambles nonsensical things that hardly pertains to a topic which it is supposed to be discussing. Make sure that your article would be able to get the viewers to visit the site again because your articles are worth reading. Plug in the specified keywords throughout the article. Make sure that the keywords are seen in the article. This will make it easier for the search engines to tag your articles as one of the sources to be read when a viewer starts looking for articles of a certain topic.

When you are done writing the articles, go through it once more. It never hurts to check the grammar and the trail of thought. Make sure that your article shows cohesive thoughts that aim to answer a certain question and discuss a certain topic. It is very frustrating to read an article that is not even related to the article title. Initially people might visit the site. But you can be certain that they will not visit your website again as it does not contain useful information. So at all times, make sure that the grammar and the flow of the article is good. Do not fail to also check your article for uniqueness. You would not want someone questioning the authenticity of your work. Some websites give out free plagiarism detection services. Use these to check and ensure that the work you are passing is a hundred percent yours. The author of this article is an experienced manager of a small web based business. He is now using his knowledge on many subjects, including article submission service and link building to help other webmasters succeed in their online endeavors.

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