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If you've been writing for various sites around the web you have probably come across Constant Content already, but if you're not familiar with this site then you really should check it out. Constant Content (CC) is a website where you can download your original articles and sell them. You are in complete control of the rights you wish to sell and the price you wish to charge. But, there are a few rules.

Constant-Content Rules

All articles that you download to sell must be your original work and must have some use or value for a customer. Opinion pieces are generally not accepted, neither is fiction or poetry. Promotional articles are also not allowed. What is allowed are helpful articles on most every subject such as health, family, home, children, parenting, writing, travel, dating, relationships, technology, and so much more. Movie, book and product reveiws are also welcome as well as blogs on all available topics.

All articles that you download are reviewed by the editor before they can be placed on the site for sale. This is what upsets many of the newcomers who are not used to having their work accepted or denied at writing web sites. However, if you are a good writer with good grammer skills your work should pass through the editor just fine. Constant Content is known for the quality articles for sale on their site, so they want to make sure that all articles are of the quality the customers have come to expect. Be sure to read all of the Writer's Guidelines carefully before you submit an article. It also doesn't hurt to look over the site and read some of the articles to get an idea what is on there. It is easier to have your articles accepted if you are familiar with the expectations of the site. You can also visit the Forum to get an idea of what goes on there too.

Payment at Constant Content

The best part of Constant Content is you can generally sell your articles for much more money than you would get for selling them at sites like Associated Content, Triond or Daily Article. While you will see that some people sell their articles for low amounts, you will also see articles selling for $40, $60, and $100 on a regular basis. It all depends upon the quality of the article and the demand. Constant Content takes 35% commission off of every sale, so you will want to price your articles with that in mind. While that may sound high, when you think of the fact that they not only give you a site where you can download your articles for sale, but also bring customers to the site, then it really isn't bad at all. You don't have to go out looking for places to sell your writing, you can just write and leave the marketing to them.

Constant Content pays writers once a month on the first of the month if you have reached the $5.00 minimum payment.  Payment is via PayPal unless you have earned over $500 for the month and then you can be paid via a bank transfer.  You are responsible for paying your own taxes therefore Constant Content does not ask for tax information or you SSN.  Writers from other countries can sell their work on CC as long as their english and grammer can pass the site's standards.

Public and Private Requests

Aside from downloading articles of your choice to CC, there are always Public Requests from customers too. With a public request, the customers describes the type of article/s he wants and anyone can write the article and submit it to the customer. There is no guarantee that your article will be selected, but even if it isn't and it is a popular subject, someone else will more than likely come along and purchase it. Customers can also offer Private Requests of writers whose work they like.

Article Rights You Can Sell

You can sell three types of rights to your articles on CC, so be sure to read all the information before submitting an article. Let's say you have several articles published on another website, or your blog, and you still own all rights to the articles. You can post these articles on CC for Use Rights only, meaning they have already been posted elsewhere but are still yours to sell. Articles you haven't sold elsewhere can be sold for a higher price for Full Rights or Unique Rights. Be sure to read the FAQ's carefully so you understand what rights you are selling.

There are many writers who love Constant Content and many who don't, it all depends upon the experience they've had. I've sold articles on CC for the past 2 years and have had no problems with them at all. I've always been paid for the work I've sold and if I have had a problem, they take care of it in a timely manner. I strongly suggest for any writer who wants to increase their income to check out the site and decide for yourself.

If you have had experiences with Constant Content that you'd like to share, please do so. I'd love to hear from all of you.

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  1. Hi, nice blog very informative content.

  2. it's my first time to hear about constant content. i will visit it later to see it for myself. seems interesting though. might give it a try.

    oh. i love the badge you have here! good job! glad you find the tutorial easy. following your blog now here! see you more around!

  3. Another good blog post about Constant Content that I found handy. You should link to your other excellent post (about the explanation of the 3 different usage rights Constant Content writers can offer buyers) at the bottom of this post.

  4. Constant Content switched to fee free mass payment through paypal so there are not more wire transfers. Great site in my view.

  5. Thanks...I have been getting many public request through constant content but every time I go to submit an article it doesn't get approved. Your blog post is motivational.

  6. Excellent in depth article! I have been writing for Constant Content myself for one year and have gotten a lot out of it. I have received steady work and they are really good to work for in terms of payment and support. I also came across this great article for other ideas on earning money from writing, it too mentions Constant Content.


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