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I thought today I'd talk a little about as a place to publish your writing. Triond accepts well-written, well-researched articles on many different subjects such as health, finance, family, children, science, and much more. They only accept articles that have not been previously published and they will run it through CopyScape to make sure you haven't published it. Once it has been accepted and published on Triond, you can then submit it to other sites that accept previously published. You always retain your rights to your articles, but Triond prefers to publish the articles first. Your real name does appear as the writer of the article.

Writing for Triond
All articles have to be accepted before they go live on the site.  Be prepared to wait a few days for acceptance.  If there are any changes to be made, the editor will leave it in draft form and suggest changes before you re-submit.  After your article is accepted, Triond places it on one of its many sites depending upon the subject matter. You have a profile page and an account page that is updated daily and tells you how many people have read your articles and tells you how much you have earned for the day. You also can see if there are any comments and respond to those comments if you wish.

Payment at Triond

Payment is 50% of advertising revenues from the page your article appears on. Now, that may not sound like a lot of money, but I've found that articles on Triond pages generate more ad revenue money than on any other ad revenue or pay-per-click site. I have very few articles on my Triond page, yet I usually receive the same, or more money each month from Triond that I do at Associated Content for the month, and at AC I have triple the amount of articles posted. So I do believe you can make a substantial amount of monthly income at Triond once your posted a large amount of articles. And since you retain your article rights, you can always post them on other sites for revenue after they are posted on Triond.

Triond pays once a month through Paypal. My experience is that Triond has always paid me on time and I have never had any problem with them in any other aspect. So, if you are looking for a good site to place articles and make some extra money, you may want to try

Hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Happy writing,


Triond has added new ways to earn money. Read my Triond Update to find out how.

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  1. Hi

    I just joined triond too. Of course, to make more money :)

    Hope the income is growing for you too

  2. Hey there Deanna I just submitted my first article to Triond. I'm still waiting if it'll get approved ha ha. Hopefully it will. Followed you.

  3. Hi Cubbymommyme,
    Thanks for visiting. I visited your blog and joined it too. It looks like a fun blog to read. Good luck with Triond. Now that they have added Google Adsense earnings, my earnings have doubled over the past few months at Triond. Too bad I have to wait until I hit $100 at Google to get it!
    Good luck,

  4. My first article got accepted. I need to write 4 more to have adsense integrated. Don't have much time now. I have writing assignments yet I'm here on your site lol. Thanks for all the info. I love you uhm I mean..I love the site ha ha. Take care.

  5. Triond is a good little writing gig. If a writer keyword optimizes and uses other SEO methods, potential earnings per article may reach into the hundreds.

    One of the most effective methods to earn more from your Triond articles is to create inbound links.

    The potential of rev. share sites is that article earnings, over time, surpass one-off payments.

    For those looking to create passive monthly income, revenue sharing sites offer potential of higher overall earnings.

    Write quality articles that offer information to readers and create many of these and you can create solid monthly income.


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