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Let's Begin by Discussing

Hi all,

If you have been a writer mom for quite awhile you will probably have already hit most of the main writing sites on the web, but it doesn't hurt to revisit some of them. While so many of them only pay per click, once in a while you land upon one that actually pays up-front money. I'm going to start my blog by talking about

If you are new to writing, or are a good writer who can climb the ladder quickly, you may just want to try Textbroker. I know there is a lot of bad comments about this site on other blogs, but I have written for them and they do pay you when you request your money. So far I haven't had any reason to not trust them.

About Textbroker

Textbroker is a fairly new site that is based in Germany but does have an office in the U.S. in Las Vegas. They pay you U.S. dollars through Pay Pal. They only allow U.S. writers on this particular site because they want English speaking writers. Some of their requests come from other countries, such as England and Australia, which explains why they want English speaking writers. This company owns a similar writing site in Europe, but I have yet to find that web address.

When you sign up with Textbroker they will request a writing sample from you. They give you two or three choices of topics and you choose from those. Make sure to take your time and write as good a sample as you possibly can because they use this sample to rate your writing. Proofread carefully and make sure all sentences are complete. You may want to write this sample in a word processing program first, like Word, then copy and past onto their site.

Payment at Textbroker

Once they have accepted you and rated you, you are on your way to making money. They rate you between 2-5, with 2 being a lower paid writer and 5 being the highest paid. If you are a beginner, you may not mind the rates they pay writers at the 2-4 level, but if you are an experienced writer you will definitely want to make your way to the 5 level. I know that if you are a 3 you earn 1.0 cent per word and at a 4 you earn 1.4 cent per word. It doesn't sound like much, but if the articles are easy to write and you earn $5 - $8 an article it can add up. If they start you at a level 3, don't despair, if you are a good writer they will raise you up to a 4 or 5 quickly. The site rates every one of your articles and if you rate high on your first 4 articles they will raise you up one level. So you are not doomed to stay at a lower level forever.

The best part of Textbroker is you can pick and choose what you want to write. There are several categories to choose from, such as travel, business, finance, diet, health, family, Internet, technology, etc. You can explore the requests in your level that interest you, and you are also able to choose requests from the lower levels too. All articles have to be unique and you are selling full rights to them so you can't sell them somewhere else. The articles you write for Textbroker will be checked through Copyscape, so you cannot copy other articles on the web. There are no minimum number of articles you have to write each month to stay on the site and you can write whenever you feel like it. For moms at home this is a great way to make a few extra dollars a day on your schedule.

Once an article has been approved by the site and the requester has purchased it the money instantly goes into your Pay section. When you've accumulated $10 or more you can request a payout. Payouts have to be requested by the 5th of each month in order to be paid by the 10th of each month. It's best to let the money accumulate throughout the month and then request the payout around the first of the next month. I have written for Textbroker for a few months now and have always received my pay on time.

The downside to Textbroker is that the pay isn't all that great. As writers, we'd like to be paid what we are worth but we are not always paid well. The upside is you are actually getting paid per article, you can choose the articles you want to write, you don't get paid per clicks, you don't have to bid on jobs and wait to see if you get them, and if you are at level 4 or 5 the money isn't too bad.

As a long-time writer, while I found the pay at Textbroker to be on the insulting side, I enjoyed the opportunity to try my hand at articles I may not have otherwise thought to write fun and interesting. I wrote several article on travel and finance there that were fun to research, which gave me a boost when writing on other sites became monotonous. I also found that I could use the research I did for articles on Textbroker to write other articles with a different slant I could sell elsewhere. All in all, I find Textbroker to be a great place to earn a little extra money and hone my writing skills all at the same time.

If any of you have experience with Textbroker, let me know. If you try it, let me know what you think of it.

Happy writing,

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  1. Thanks for the post! I have been writing for Textbroker since July, and I write solely for them now. I do agree that the pay is quite low, especially for some of the instructions they give to writers, but overall I have been able to make some money on the side that actually pays the bills!
    I think what I personally like about TB is that I know what I'm writing about, I know what I'm getting paid, and I don't have to deal with uploading photos, videos or promoting my work to readers (which is a full time job in itself). While I always try my hardest at writing, if I know I'm only going to get paid $2 for an article, I don't overexert myself.
    I will be sure to read your other reviews, as I'm always looking to expand my horizons!

  2. Hi Carvergirl,
    Thanks for dropping by. If you like writing for Textbroker then you may enjoy writing for Demand Studios too. They pay $15 per 400-500 word article. You do have to apply and be accepted, but then you can choose from thousands of article titles to write. Visit


  3. Hi DeAnna,
    I clicked over here from a comment you left on another blog. I enjoy reading your perspective. I noticed your comment on not being able to find the German Textbroker site. I don't know if you've found it by now, but I just made an educated guess and found it at
    Best regards,

  4. I have been writing for textbroker for a little while as well. I have not yet made much from them as they still have me rated at 3, although I feel I should be rated higher because I do write quality articles. Yes, I agree that some of the directions from the clients are too much for what they pay and sometimes can deter me away from writing for them. However, I am trying to build my income level with textbroker because I need the money to survive.

  5. Hi - thanks for visiting. I did some writing for Textbroker and enjoyed it, although I don't write there anymore. I recently visited there and saw that they are offering some really good assignments. I'm sure you will get a higher rating soon - sometimes it takes awhile. We all have to do what is necessary to pay those bills! :)

  6. I like Textbroker and although I'm not too fast of a writer, I do have an area of expertise (legal) that they have topics on frequently. I've also had fun writing on some of their other stuff. BTW this is a great blog, very informative and enjoyable.


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