Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finding Time to Blog!

Hi all,

Forget about finding time to write - what about finding time to blog? When I started this blog, I thought it would only take me a few minutes each day to write something interesting or helpful for moms who write. Boy, was I wrong. It takes time to research subjects as well as information you want to share with others. So, here is a big pat on the back to all the dedicated bloggers out there - It's not as easy as everyone thinks.

It is especially difficult now that winter is finally over up here in the northern regions and you want to get outside in the 60 degree, sunny weather. Okay, so 60 degrees isn't warm for Florida or California but for Minnesota it's like 90 degrees somewhere else. After a 6 month winter of negative 30 degrees below zero, 60 degrees is Heaven. You really appreciate the nice weather and don't want to spend too much of it indoors.

So, I sit here at the kitchen table, trying to blog while our two cats are rolling around on the floor fighting and the bird is sitting in her cage saying "Hi" every few minutes to get my attention. The dog is the only quiet one in the house, but soon she will be whining to go for a long walk in the nice weather. Pets are great, but they are almost like having toddlers underfoot while I am trying to write.

Before the day is over, I hope to blog some more information to you about writing and some resources that may help you with your writing careers. Until then, enjoy the day in your part of the world and enjoy your kids and pets even more!

Happy writing,

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  1. I know e. x. a. c. t. l. y. how you feel :)

    There just aren't enough hours in a day!


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