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Associated Content/Yahoo! Contributor Network

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Update 11/15/10 - Associated Content is now the Yahoo! Contributor Network.  There are only a few changes from the old AC, so most of this blog post is still applicable.  For more information on the changes, see this blog post.

If you haven't already heard of Associated Content (AC) then you may be interested in learning more about it, especially if you are new to the freelance writing world. While you won't get rich off of submitting to AC, it is a good place to develop a portfolio of writing clips as well as making a little extra money. And if you have a huge pile of articles posted there, you may actually make pretty good money each month.

Writing for Associated Content
Associated Content is a site where you can publish your articles, poems, opinion articles, short fiction, or any other writings of interest that you think people would enjoy reading. You can submit your articles in different ways; either as an exclusive for upfront payment plus performance payments; as a non-exclusive for upfront payment plus performance payments or for performance payments only. Confused yet? I will explain.

If you have written an interesting article that has not been published elsewhere, you can submit it to AC for an Exclusive up-front payment as well as earning pay-per-click money once it is published. Up-front payments are generally between $1-$20. The average up-front payment is around $4-5, so don't feel offended if this is all you are offered. Also, it can take up to a week for AC to review your article and offer you a payment, so be patient. If you chose to take their offer, then you cannot publish your article on any other sites because you have sold it to AC as an Exclusive (meaning full rights). Once your article has been published, you will begin earning money through performance payments (clicks). The rate is $1.50 per 1,000 clicks until you have surpassed a certain number of clicks and then your rate will go up a little. While this pay-per-click amount sounds very low, if you have a large number of interesting articles on AC you do have the potential of earning a good amount of money each month with performance payments.

If you have an article that you have never published elsewhere and you wish to retain rights to it you can still submit it to AC as a Non-Exclusive up-front payment plus performance payments. If your article is interesting enough you will probably get around the same up-front payment as you would have for the exclusive (say $4-$5) but you will still retain the right to publish it elsewhere. Once the article is published on AC you will then begin earning performance payments also.

The third way to submit to AC is through Performance Payments only. This way you retain the rights to publish your article elsewhere but can earn money per click on your article. When you submit an article this way, you do not have to wait for AC to approve the article, it will be published instantly (after you have published at least 2-3 articles on AC). Many times an writer will do this only because they have several articles that are already published on other pay-per-click sites and want to enhance their income.

Payment at Associated Content
Payment through AC is by Pay Pal only, so you will have to set up an account if you don't already have one. For up-front article payments, they will generally pay you on the Tuesday or Thursday following the date it was accepted. Performance payments are paid to you monthly. The performance payments are updated on your AC page daily so you can keep track of how much money you are earning.

Always read all the FAQ's and the Writer's Guidelines before joining any site so that you understand how the site works. I have been with AC for about two years now, and while it hasn't made me rich, now that I have a good amount of articles there I am doing fairly well there. I can attest to the fact that AC has always paid me on time and I've never had a problem with them whatsoever.

If you have any questions, or have an experience with AC that you'd like to share, please leave a comment. I would enjoy hearing from you.

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Writing Articles for Bloggers - For Pay

There are many ways to sell your writing on the Internet and one of those ways is to write for other peoples' blogs for pay. Yes, many times a company, product or individual person just doesn't have the time to write their own blogs and will pay writers to do it. This is a great way to earn extra money and can even lead to a permanent writing position.

When writing a blog for someone else, you generally don't make it personal like you would your own blog. You can write the blog like an article but with a more casual tone that sounds like you are talking to a friend. The information has to be interesting, helpful in some way and correct just like an article, but the writing style can be less formal and more fun.

There are a few ways to find paying jobs for blogging. At Constant-Content they accept blogs for sale on just about every subject. Make sure to read a few there first, as well as their writer guidelines before submitting material. You can also bid for jobs on blogging at but don't expect the pay to be too high. Writerlance is a free service but you do have to join to use it., the ODesk and are all writing sites where you can look for jobs online as a blogger. Do a little digging and you are sure to find some great blogging jobs online.

For the more accomplished blogger you may want to apply at This site actually hires writer and pays a good salary for you to create and continually update a blog of a specific subject. They generally have the subjects they are in need of posted so you can apply for a specific topic.

There are sites like Hubpages, E-How and Xomba where you can create a blog page and earn money by using either Google Adsense or from clicks on your articles. These generally don't make too much money unless you have a lot of followers. They are, however, great places to show off your writing skills if you need a few clips for writing jobs you apply for. So if you are a beginner blogger, you may want to try these out.

Blogging is fun and profitable, especially if you can blog for someone else. Sites are always in need of new material to keep their blogs fresh and updated, so there will always be work in the blogging field. If you are good at blogging, and enjoy it, then this may be the right writing job for you.

Let me know if you try any of these suggestions or if you do write for blogs. Would love to hear from all of you.

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Sorry No New Posts

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Sorry it's been a few days since I've posted anything. I have been up to my elbows in paint and other fixer-upper projects getting the house spiffed up for my daughter's graduation party. You know how that goes! I will be posting new infor on writing later this week for sure. Until then you may want to look over the older posts to see if there is anything of interest.

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Writing Children's Books - Not as Easy as You May Think

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Whenever I tell people that I work at home as a writer, the first thing they ask is if I write children's books. I never understand this question; either they think that just anyone can write a children's book or they think I'm so motherly that that is what I'd write. Writing any type of book takes a lot of thought and work, but those who have never tried to write for a living tend to not understand that. I thought this article by Kaley Harrick describes what goes into writing a children's book fairly well, so I'd like to share it with you.

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Guest Author: Kaley Harrick

As adults we all remember the books we enthusiastically read as I child. I personally remember the excitement every Friday when I would rush home from school, knowing that my Nan would have the next book in the Roald Dahl collection waiting for me. The Twits and The BFG will be stories I remember forever, as I’m sure they will be by many other children from the 1980’s.

With this in mind it irritates me when I hear people say that writing a children’s book is an easy option, a stepping stone to writing an adult book. There is so much consideration needed when writing a children’s book especially when you consider how receptive children are to surrounding influences. It really is important to understand the effect the literature and themes in the book with reflect on the child. Writing a child’s book holds more restrictions than that of an adult book.
The theme, vocabulary and the length need to be well thought out. A child is impressionable and will explore the views and thoughts in the literature which will inevitably reflect into their own lives. The language and vocabulary will affect the intellectual and educational aspect of the child’s life so this also needs to be accurately judged. For this reason writing a children’s book is highly complex and time consuming research needs to be put into place. So once the theme, vocabulary and length is in keeping with regulations of the child’s parent and educators- it is now time to engage and connect to the target audience- the child.

A child in certain cases can be an adult’s toughest critic. With their innocence they are sure to show honesty and true emotion to your book in the purest form. They have not yet mastered the art of pleasantly articulating constructive criticism, instead they speak instantly from the heart as and when they see fit. To delve into the world of writing for children it can often be a criticized and invasive place to be. The adults investigating child development through literature- namely parents, teachers, government and publishers, will critique your book. The readers themselves will judge your book. So it is important that you do your research first and foremost. Only then can you let your talent rein free to write creatively. The children’s book writing world may be a tough world to be in, but it will most certainly be a satisfying craft when you succeed and have your fantastically creative book read and enjoyed by children all over the world.

Writing a children’s book requires a vivid imagination, creativity of words and enthusiasm. Most importantly the fundamental aspect is the ability to see through the eyes of a child. For this reason it is paramount that you do your research first. A fresh and curious perception to the world is needed in order to create engaging material for a child. You need your book to relate to the child in order for them to be fully engaged, excited and interest in your book. You need to investigate; what are children today interested in?, what are their likes and dislikes?, which words do they use to communicate with one another?, what books do they read?, what toys do they play with?, what songs do they like?, what clothes do they wear?, what magazines do they buy?, what are they afraid of? , what excites them?. From this you will understand what writing will reach them and inevitably will make your book popular.

Once you have fully researched and investigated children’s preferences, it’s on to the story. This is the part that requires your talent, enthusiasm and creativity to be put into action. This is the most important factor to consider. You need to decide what type of book you want to write, what themes you wish to portray, which messages you wish to inspire and what result you wish to have. Many authors like to develop their books with interactive workshops and if it is business plan, merchandise and sequels may follow. For this reason this will all need to be decided while writing the story. Whatever you decide make sure it fits the research you have found. Even refer back to books you loved as a child and other books available now. While writing your story it is important to remember a child’s concentration is smaller and their attention span is lower than adults. Therefore a story must grip them instantly; it must be simple and uncomplicated.

Lastly it should be relevant, fun and entertaining. After all as an author it is important to keep literature as an influential means of contemporary entertainment to rival that of the Xbox and PlayStations.

The language and vocabulary within the literature for children is also important, for both intellect development and focus. It is beneficial to avoid big words that a child will not understand. It is beneficial to strengthen vocabulary in books but if a child cannot read the words they will loose concentration and enjoyment. Research shows that a child does not appreciate more than a few words per sentence. These are quite important words of wisdom for a new writer, as it is easy to run the risk of elaborating and extending texts due to previous writing experience. A book should act as inspiration for positive intellectual, personal and emotional development and therefore should not include slang words, inappropriate language or unsuitable themes. The writing should be of the best quality and standard to suit the age group and should encourage young readers to love their language and to want to read more.

The messages you choose to infuse into the story is important and extremely diverse with option. A book can effectively promote positive affirmations that children can adopt and inflict on their own lives. As long as they story has a happy ending the book will achieve great results for a child’s optimism to life. There are too many negative factors inflicting upon their lives as they’re growing up. A child will enjoy their characters living happily ever after; it will make them feel positive to tackle their own problems throughout the day. Characters should have positive traits: bravery, humor, honesty etc that the child reader can copy.

Literature is a useful tool to not only inspire positive healthy children but it is also a great source of escapism and entertainment for them. As long as a bright, colorful and optimistic realm is created and the themes are relevant to a child, I’m sure it will be enjoyed. This along with the other aspects mentioned previously, are the ingredients required to write a successful children’s book. I encourage with passion any person reading this who feels they can go ahead and write a children’s book. We need as many influential children’s authors actively writing in order to keep this form of inspiration and child development alive.

If you need any extra details please visit the website and learn how Angela Buck has created a fantastically inspiring children’s book and other projects to empower and connect children through literature.

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Writing SEO Articles

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Learning to write SEO articles is the best way to bring more traffic to your Mommy blog or a great way to earn extra money writing for other sites. With so many blogs and websites on the Internet vying for attention, there a plenty of opportunities to write and sell SEO articles. And because sites are always in need of new articles, there is an ongoing need for SEO articles. The article below written by guest author John Davis gives the basics on how to write successful SEO article.

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How To Write SEO Articles
By Guest Author John Davis

One of the biggest secrets of the well visited sites is by writing articles. These articles follow a certain format and have a certain topic which they discuss in that website. People searching for a certain thing will find these websites as the search engines are often on the lookout for certain formats of articles. In order to get more viewership on your website, you might want to explore writing articles that will definitely bring many people to view your site and give you more income while doing so. A win-win situation it would become as you would be helping them by giving them needed information while they give you more revenue.

When starting to write articles, always start with the keywords. Keywords are one of the most important parts of search engine optimization (SEO) article writing. Use common words that people often search for everyday. Then write an eye catching phrase. Articles that give out good information and captivate audiences are always encouraged. Also make sure that you use your keywords in your article title. So when someone searches for the keywords you are using, there will be a big chance that they will stumble upon your article. Sensible thoughts should populate the article. The worst kind of article anyone can come across would be the type that just rambles nonsensical things that hardly pertains to a topic which it is supposed to be discussing. Make sure that your article would be able to get the viewers to visit the site again because your articles are worth reading. Plug in the specified keywords throughout the article. Make sure that the keywords are seen in the article. This will make it easier for the search engines to tag your articles as one of the sources to be read when a viewer starts looking for articles of a certain topic.

When you are done writing the articles, go through it once more. It never hurts to check the grammar and the trail of thought. Make sure that your article shows cohesive thoughts that aim to answer a certain question and discuss a certain topic. It is very frustrating to read an article that is not even related to the article title. Initially people might visit the site. But you can be certain that they will not visit your website again as it does not contain useful information. So at all times, make sure that the grammar and the flow of the article is good. Do not fail to also check your article for uniqueness. You would not want someone questioning the authenticity of your work. Some websites give out free plagiarism detection services. Use these to check and ensure that the work you are passing is a hundred percent yours. The author of this article is an experienced manager of a small web based business. He is now using his knowledge on many subjects, including article submission service and link building to help other webmasters succeed in their online endeavors.

Don't Put Off Writing that Novel Until the Kids are Grown

Guest Author: Jill Smolinski

If you want to write a novel, but are putting it off until the kids are grown, I have two words for you: Don't wait. It's possible to raise a happy, healthy family and still follow your writing dream. And that's true whether you're single or married. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom or work outside the house.

You may think I'm crazy - how can you find time to write when you're already so busy you barely have time to sleep? It can be done.

J.K. Rowling quite famously penned the first of her Harry Potter series in a coffee shop with her baby napping in a buggy. I wrote my first novel, Flip-Flopped, in two years by setting my alarm for 5 a.m. every day and squeezing in writing before work, and then stealing any other time I could. I'd write a scene while my son built a Lego castle, or do some editing while he was planted in front of the TV for a half hour.

A mother of two small children, Allison Pearson turned her frustrations as a mom into the best-selling novel, I Don't Know How She Does It. She's admitted that being a mom and trying to write a novel is difficult - "like having a secret third child in the house that you have to go and play with when the other two have gone to bed," she's said. Still, she managed to finish in a year, even with holding a job part of the time.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you don't have to sweep aside everything in order to write. There's this assumption that writing a novel means countless hours of uninterrupted time-just you alone in a cabin somewhere with nothing but pen and paper and maybe a plate of Oreos. That's not only impossible for most people, it's not even preferable. Some of your best writing inspiration will come from life. If you make writing a part of your day-to-day routine, you're far more likely to stick with it.

Some tips for combining motherhood with a writing career:

1. Schedule it in. A friend of mine has a regular 8 - 9 p.m. date with her computer. Barring a broken leg or the house burning down, she never misses it, and she rarely goes over. Knowing she has a limited time spurs her to be productive.

2. Lower your standards, at least when it comes to housework. Could the floor go one more day without sweeping? Could you use bottled pasta sauce instead of making it from scratch? Yes, June Cleaver always did everything perfectly, but she didn't write a novel. She also wasn't real.

3. Involve your kids. Plunk them down next to you with crayons and paper while you write. Dub it your "creative time."

4. Be the tortoise. Forget every story you've ever heard about how this or that author wrote a book in a month. Writing your novel will take as long as it needs to take. If you stick with it, you'll eventually get to the end.

5. Delegate. Women often get stuck with the housework because they feel they're the only ones who can do it "right." Give jobs away to your husband or kids, and resist the urge to re-do them - even if the towels aren't folded right or the stove doesn't gleam the way it should.

6. Consider starting small. If writing a novel seems overwhelming, start with a short story or even some of the super-short "flash fiction" that's popular right now. The bonus: It's easier to get short pieces published on the Internet, so you can amass clips.

7. Banish guilt. As women, it's hard for us to take time for ourselves. If you're feeling guilty about spending time writing, remember the saying, "kids learn what they see." What your children will see is you plugging away at making one of your dreams come true. Isn't that at least as important as a perfectly clean house?

About the Author:
Jill Smolinski is the author of the novels THE NEXT THING ON MY LIST and FLIP-FLOPPED and the mom of a 15-year-old. Find out more about her books and get tips for writers at her daily blog at

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How Do You Find Time to Write?

Would love to hear comments from other writer moms on how they find time to write or work at home with children and family obligations tugging at your time.


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Writing for Parenting Magazines

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What better venue for a parent to write for than a parenting magazine? Whether you are a beginning writer or a seasoned one, parenting magazines are a great place to sell your articles and make extra money. The market of parenting, child and family magazines is vast - there are a great many regional parenting magazines that are always in need of new and interesting material. Many now have online sites as well as paper versions and they are all looking for parent writers who can come up with original ideas, or at least a different slant to an old idea.

Here is a list of some of the parenting magazines across the country where you can try to sell your work. Some links take you directly to their Writer's Guidelines. The other links take you to the site where you can use the Contact Us button to request writer guidelines.

Atlanta Parent Magazine -

Baton Rouge Parents Magazine -

California Coast Parent -

Carolina Parent - Guidelines @

Charlotte Parent - Guidelines @

Chicago Parent/Chicago Baby - Guidelines @

Columbus Parent -

Georgia Family Magazine - Guidelines @

Indy's Child Parent Magazine - Guidelines @

L.A. Parent Magazine Online -

Mommy Think - Guidelines @

Mothering Magazine - Guidelines @

Pittsburgh Parent Magazine -

Sacramento Parent - Guidelines @

San Diego Family -

Washington Parent - Guidelines @

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Writer's Site - Constant Content

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If you've been writing for various sites around the web you have probably come across Constant Content already, but if you're not familiar with this site then you really should check it out. Constant Content (CC) is a website where you can download your original articles and sell them. You are in complete control of the rights you wish to sell and the price you wish to charge. But, there are a few rules.

Constant-Content Rules

All articles that you download to sell must be your original work and must have some use or value for a customer. Opinion pieces are generally not accepted, neither is fiction or poetry. Promotional articles are also not allowed. What is allowed are helpful articles on most every subject such as health, family, home, children, parenting, writing, travel, dating, relationships, technology, and so much more. Movie, book and product reveiws are also welcome as well as blogs on all available topics.

All articles that you download are reviewed by the editor before they can be placed on the site for sale. This is what upsets many of the newcomers who are not used to having their work accepted or denied at writing web sites. However, if you are a good writer with good grammer skills your work should pass through the editor just fine. Constant Content is known for the quality articles for sale on their site, so they want to make sure that all articles are of the quality the customers have come to expect. Be sure to read all of the Writer's Guidelines carefully before you submit an article. It also doesn't hurt to look over the site and read some of the articles to get an idea what is on there. It is easier to have your articles accepted if you are familiar with the expectations of the site. You can also visit the Forum to get an idea of what goes on there too.

Payment at Constant Content

The best part of Constant Content is you can generally sell your articles for much more money than you would get for selling them at sites like Associated Content, Triond or Daily Article. While you will see that some people sell their articles for low amounts, you will also see articles selling for $40, $60, and $100 on a regular basis. It all depends upon the quality of the article and the demand. Constant Content takes 35% commission off of every sale, so you will want to price your articles with that in mind. While that may sound high, when you think of the fact that they not only give you a site where you can download your articles for sale, but also bring customers to the site, then it really isn't bad at all. You don't have to go out looking for places to sell your writing, you can just write and leave the marketing to them.

Constant Content pays writers once a month on the first of the month if you have reached the $5.00 minimum payment.  Payment is via PayPal unless you have earned over $500 for the month and then you can be paid via a bank transfer.  You are responsible for paying your own taxes therefore Constant Content does not ask for tax information or you SSN.  Writers from other countries can sell their work on CC as long as their english and grammer can pass the site's standards.

Public and Private Requests

Aside from downloading articles of your choice to CC, there are always Public Requests from customers too. With a public request, the customers describes the type of article/s he wants and anyone can write the article and submit it to the customer. There is no guarantee that your article will be selected, but even if it isn't and it is a popular subject, someone else will more than likely come along and purchase it. Customers can also offer Private Requests of writers whose work they like.

Article Rights You Can Sell

You can sell three types of rights to your articles on CC, so be sure to read all the information before submitting an article. Let's say you have several articles published on another website, or your blog, and you still own all rights to the articles. You can post these articles on CC for Use Rights only, meaning they have already been posted elsewhere but are still yours to sell. Articles you haven't sold elsewhere can be sold for a higher price for Full Rights or Unique Rights. Be sure to read the FAQ's carefully so you understand what rights you are selling.

There are many writers who love Constant Content and many who don't, it all depends upon the experience they've had. I've sold articles on CC for the past 2 years and have had no problems with them at all. I've always been paid for the work I've sold and if I have had a problem, they take care of it in a timely manner. I strongly suggest for any writer who wants to increase their income to check out the site and decide for yourself.

If you have had experiences with Constant Content that you'd like to share, please do so. I'd love to hear from all of you.

Read more about CC at these links:
Why I Sell Use Rights Only on CC
CC Writers - Be Persistant
Constant-Content Update
Earning More by Using CC
Simple Article that Earn a Good Income
Writing Articles for Bloggers - For Pay
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2011 Writer's Market

Finding Time to Blog!

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Forget about finding time to write - what about finding time to blog? When I started this blog, I thought it would only take me a few minutes each day to write something interesting or helpful for moms who write. Boy, was I wrong. It takes time to research subjects as well as information you want to share with others. So, here is a big pat on the back to all the dedicated bloggers out there - It's not as easy as everyone thinks.

It is especially difficult now that winter is finally over up here in the northern regions and you want to get outside in the 60 degree, sunny weather. Okay, so 60 degrees isn't warm for Florida or California but for Minnesota it's like 90 degrees somewhere else. After a 6 month winter of negative 30 degrees below zero, 60 degrees is Heaven. You really appreciate the nice weather and don't want to spend too much of it indoors.

So, I sit here at the kitchen table, trying to blog while our two cats are rolling around on the floor fighting and the bird is sitting in her cage saying "Hi" every few minutes to get my attention. The dog is the only quiet one in the house, but soon she will be whining to go for a long walk in the nice weather. Pets are great, but they are almost like having toddlers underfoot while I am trying to write.

Before the day is over, I hope to blog some more information to you about writing and some resources that may help you with your writing careers. Until then, enjoy the day in your part of the world and enjoy your kids and pets even more!

Happy writing,

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Finding Time to Write

Hi everyone,

I searched around the net to find some helpful articles with tips on how to find time to write for parents. Click on the titles to read the articles. As a parent at home with children it isn't always easy to find blocks of time to write so it helps when we can share tips and ideas. If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to share.

Writing Tips For Parents - Finding Time to Write for Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads

Working Moms - Finding Time to Write

Fit Writing into a Busy Life - How to Write When You Have Work and Family Commitments

Make Time to Write

The Working Mom's Tricks to Writing a Novel in Your Free Time

Eight Ways to Simplify Your Writing Life

Writing with Kids - Without Losing Your Marbles!

How to Balance Writing with Family

How to Write When You Have No Time

I hope these articles help you find new ways to find time to write. If you know of a good article, share it with us.

Happy writing,

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Talk about

Hi all,

I thought today I'd talk a little about as a place to publish your writing. Triond accepts well-written, well-researched articles on many different subjects such as health, finance, family, children, science, and much more. They only accept articles that have not been previously published and they will run it through CopyScape to make sure you haven't published it. Once it has been accepted and published on Triond, you can then submit it to other sites that accept previously published. You always retain your rights to your articles, but Triond prefers to publish the articles first. Your real name does appear as the writer of the article.

Writing for Triond
All articles have to be accepted before they go live on the site.  Be prepared to wait a few days for acceptance.  If there are any changes to be made, the editor will leave it in draft form and suggest changes before you re-submit.  After your article is accepted, Triond places it on one of its many sites depending upon the subject matter. You have a profile page and an account page that is updated daily and tells you how many people have read your articles and tells you how much you have earned for the day. You also can see if there are any comments and respond to those comments if you wish.

Payment at Triond

Payment is 50% of advertising revenues from the page your article appears on. Now, that may not sound like a lot of money, but I've found that articles on Triond pages generate more ad revenue money than on any other ad revenue or pay-per-click site. I have very few articles on my Triond page, yet I usually receive the same, or more money each month from Triond that I do at Associated Content for the month, and at AC I have triple the amount of articles posted. So I do believe you can make a substantial amount of monthly income at Triond once your posted a large amount of articles. And since you retain your article rights, you can always post them on other sites for revenue after they are posted on Triond.

Triond pays once a month through Paypal. My experience is that Triond has always paid me on time and I have never had any problem with them in any other aspect. So, if you are looking for a good site to place articles and make some extra money, you may want to try

Hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Happy writing,


Triond has added new ways to earn money. Read my Triond Update to find out how.

More Articles of Interest:

Triond has New Features to Earn Money

Daily Article: Writing Site Review

Writing for

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CopyScape Plagiarism Checker

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It always surprises me to find out that many seasoned writers are not aware of the article checking site, Copyscape.  At Copyscape, you can check to see if the article you have just finished is completely free of plagiarism, copying someone elses work. Now, I am not saying that you intentionally copy others work, no honest writer tries to do that. But sometimes, as we write our articles after researching several sources, we may unintentionally copy a phrase or line that can come up as plagiarism later on. By checking your article, you can make sure every article you submit for sale is yours entirely. Most writing sites now use Copyscape to check your articles, so it's better to know first if you have to re-write a line or two than have the site think you copied it. Copyscape isn't free, you must pay .05 cents for every search, but it is well worth the trouble if you are as serious writer.

There is a free alternative to Copyscape, and that is ArticleChecker. You can paste in your text for free and it will check both Google and Yahoo. Whichever site you decide to check your articles with, I think it is important to use one of these sites to make sure all of the work you submit for sale is yours, free of plagiarism. It is good insurance to keep your good name as a writer.

Happy writing,

2011 Writer's Market Deluxe Edition

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Let's Begin by Discussing

Hi all,

If you have been a writer mom for quite awhile you will probably have already hit most of the main writing sites on the web, but it doesn't hurt to revisit some of them. While so many of them only pay per click, once in a while you land upon one that actually pays up-front money. I'm going to start my blog by talking about

If you are new to writing, or are a good writer who can climb the ladder quickly, you may just want to try Textbroker. I know there is a lot of bad comments about this site on other blogs, but I have written for them and they do pay you when you request your money. So far I haven't had any reason to not trust them.

About Textbroker

Textbroker is a fairly new site that is based in Germany but does have an office in the U.S. in Las Vegas. They pay you U.S. dollars through Pay Pal. They only allow U.S. writers on this particular site because they want English speaking writers. Some of their requests come from other countries, such as England and Australia, which explains why they want English speaking writers. This company owns a similar writing site in Europe, but I have yet to find that web address.

When you sign up with Textbroker they will request a writing sample from you. They give you two or three choices of topics and you choose from those. Make sure to take your time and write as good a sample as you possibly can because they use this sample to rate your writing. Proofread carefully and make sure all sentences are complete. You may want to write this sample in a word processing program first, like Word, then copy and past onto their site.

Payment at Textbroker

Once they have accepted you and rated you, you are on your way to making money. They rate you between 2-5, with 2 being a lower paid writer and 5 being the highest paid. If you are a beginner, you may not mind the rates they pay writers at the 2-4 level, but if you are an experienced writer you will definitely want to make your way to the 5 level. I know that if you are a 3 you earn 1.0 cent per word and at a 4 you earn 1.4 cent per word. It doesn't sound like much, but if the articles are easy to write and you earn $5 - $8 an article it can add up. If they start you at a level 3, don't despair, if you are a good writer they will raise you up to a 4 or 5 quickly. The site rates every one of your articles and if you rate high on your first 4 articles they will raise you up one level. So you are not doomed to stay at a lower level forever.

The best part of Textbroker is you can pick and choose what you want to write. There are several categories to choose from, such as travel, business, finance, diet, health, family, Internet, technology, etc. You can explore the requests in your level that interest you, and you are also able to choose requests from the lower levels too. All articles have to be unique and you are selling full rights to them so you can't sell them somewhere else. The articles you write for Textbroker will be checked through Copyscape, so you cannot copy other articles on the web. There are no minimum number of articles you have to write each month to stay on the site and you can write whenever you feel like it. For moms at home this is a great way to make a few extra dollars a day on your schedule.

Once an article has been approved by the site and the requester has purchased it the money instantly goes into your Pay section. When you've accumulated $10 or more you can request a payout. Payouts have to be requested by the 5th of each month in order to be paid by the 10th of each month. It's best to let the money accumulate throughout the month and then request the payout around the first of the next month. I have written for Textbroker for a few months now and have always received my pay on time.

The downside to Textbroker is that the pay isn't all that great. As writers, we'd like to be paid what we are worth but we are not always paid well. The upside is you are actually getting paid per article, you can choose the articles you want to write, you don't get paid per clicks, you don't have to bid on jobs and wait to see if you get them, and if you are at level 4 or 5 the money isn't too bad.

As a long-time writer, while I found the pay at Textbroker to be on the insulting side, I enjoyed the opportunity to try my hand at articles I may not have otherwise thought to write fun and interesting. I wrote several article on travel and finance there that were fun to research, which gave me a boost when writing on other sites became monotonous. I also found that I could use the research I did for articles on Textbroker to write other articles with a different slant I could sell elsewhere. All in all, I find Textbroker to be a great place to earn a little extra money and hone my writing skills all at the same time.

If any of you have experience with Textbroker, let me know. If you try it, let me know what you think of it.

Happy writing,

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Hello Writer Moms!

Hello! I am a mom who happens to also be a writer. I created this blog so I could share stories, resources, experiences and just about anything else with other moms about both writing and parenting while we write. In my travels around the web, I've met a lot of mothers who are trying to make their way in the writing world; some are struggling and many have already succeeded. I've read about their disappointments and also their triumphs. Many moms who write are looking for resources of other places to sell their writing and many are looking for tips on how to be a work-at-home mom with children running about the house. I'd like to touch on all of those topics and so many more that I haven't even thought of yet.

I will try to post writing jobs and websites that will be of use to writer moms. I will also try to share information that will make your writing life easier. But I can't do all this alone. I'd like to hear from others of their experiences and how they find work, work-at-home with children about, and anything else you feel may help other writer moms succeed. Writing is a solitary experience, but we don't have to do it alone. If we help each other, encourage each other and work together, we can all succeed in following our dreams while raising our families.

I hope this blog will help writer moms reach their greatest potential and I hope you all will pitch in and help make that happen.

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